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The Hunter’s Haul Fishing Event Live for a Limited Time

The motivation for fishing is here. For the next 14 days, players have the opportunity to fish for doubloons. The event starts on February 23rd and ends on March 9th. Each week requires players to catch X amount of fish and turn them into The Hunters Call to obtain the reward.

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The first week, February 23rd through March 1st players are asked to turn in 120 fish of any type shape and size. Players who reach the goal before March 1st will receive 250 doubloons.

The second week, starting March 1nd through March 9th, players will be asked to catch and turn in 60 Trophy Fish. Players who reach this goal will receive 300 doubloons.

The Gold Hauler Figurehead Collectible

Golden Hauler Figurehead trophy item for completing catch 180 ruby splashtails in the hunter's haul fishing event

The overarching challenge is to catch and turn in 180 Ruby Splashtails. Players will have the full duration of the event to do so. Those who turn in 180 Splashtails will receive the Gold Hauler Figurehead (shown in the photo above).

For those who want to track their progress visit the Hunter’s Haul Fishing Event Page on the official Sea of Thieves website. You will have to log in to your Microsoft account to access this page.  

Where to deliver fish in Sea of Thieves?

Fish are delivered to Merrick at the special Seaposts. They are tiny outposts with Merrick, the Fisherman, and a limited shop merchant.

Here is a quick list of all the locations to turn in your fish in the Sea of Thieves:

  • The North Star Seapost (H,10)
  • The Finest Trading Post (F,17)
  • Stephen’s Spoils (L,15)
  • The Wild Treasures Store (O,4)
  • Three Paces East Seapost (S,10)

To get credit for catching a fish, you have to deliver it. The Hunter’s Call Merchant will be on the dock by a cooking pot. Simply hold the fish in your hand and walk up to him. If the fish is in hand, the prompt will allow you to hand it over to him.

Pirates can turn in the fish uncooked or cooked. Both will give you experience and gold, but turning in a cooked fish will yield more gold.


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