Asmongold New Favorite MMO

The MMO Asmongold is going to play next

Most of us assume that when we go to Asmongold’s Twitch channel we are bound to see World of Warcraft on his screen. This is the game that “made him” as the internet trolls will tell you. Although, Asmon has become more and more frustrated with the direction of WoW lately.

I would imagine streamers like Ninja who played Fornite 24/7 would become tired of updates that didn’t quite whet their appetite. The same goes for Asmongold, although, he knows his audience is there for MMORPGs which there are far fewer options in 2020 than we would hope for during a pandemic that has left us stranded behind our computers.

Asmongold’s Thoughts on World of Warcraft

We know that Asmongold has quit WoW in the past because of the relentless grind that consumed his entire world. Although, this goes much deeper than a time suck and there are reasons why he has begun to look elsewhere. We’ve seen him rage at Blizzard for puppeteering their players into one direction of gameplay and if players step out of line, they get banned. The most recent domino was when Asmongold reacted “The Decline of Blizzard” video that his chat begged him to watch.

It’s clear that he was disturbed by the points being made in the video. After watching the video Asmon went on to say he believes this is not unique to just Blizzard and the decline is widespread for all gaming companies. We are in an era where gaming has become mainstream and that means companies make more money appealing to the masses and not hardcore gamers.

What MMO will Asmongold play next?

After a recent interview with the Director of Ashes of Creation, Asmongold uploaded a video with the title “The WoW Killer!?” and in the past when videos would surface he has been very excited to see the progress of Ashes of Creation. Asmongold asked if the PvE content will be difficult or more of a social experience and Steven went on to explain the varying levels of difficulties with the ability to get better drops for your performance. Obviously for a hardcore gamer, Asmon was pleasantly response with the level of difficulty.

One commenter on the above video wrote “The moment this launches I am quitting my job and dumping my girlfriend. Oh who am I kidding… I have no job or girlfriend I AM READY!“. Just figured I’d highlight how pumped other gamers are for this upcoming MMORPG.

What do you think, will this be Asmondgold’s next game of choice?


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