Sea of Thieves Firebomb Content Update

The SeaBound Soul Content Release

A new update has just set sail on the sea.. of thieves. November 20th brings the players the newest content infusion, The SeaBound Soul. With this update comes more story, an improved PVP experience, firebombs and fire mechanics, new clothing, new weapon designs, and admiral emotes.

We’ve got .. Firebombs!

This content update is lit, literally. Rare has added a new element, fire and all the pros and cons that come with setting ships ablaze. The newest item, the Firebomb, can be thrown and shot out of cannons at lurking pirates and their ships. Having keg barrels are even riskier now, a boat on fire can set off barrel kegs if the flames get too close.

SOT Fire Ships
This SOT update has added fire and it looks awesome!

Cooking on your boat will need to be monitored more closely. Food left unattended on the stove, if left too long, can start a fire that slowly will engulf your ship if left to spread. In an effort to balance the scales, a Water Barrel has been added to all ship designs. Making it easier to quickly grab water. A new action has also been added to the water bucket emote/action, “Douse Yourself”. If you find yourself on fire, and you can’t quickly jump in the ocean, use this action to pour the bucket of water on yourself.

In addition to setting fire to yourself, other pirates, skeletons, and ships… the items you are transporting can be damaged. Careful to keep quest cargo and livestock from becoming crispy bacon. The same goes for your pets, they too can get caught on fire. Fire will be a permanent addition to the game, including these precarious firebombs.

Ashen Treasure Content Update

Sea Bound Ashen Chests

Temporary Voyages

Seems that fire is the theme here, so it would make sense that the fire-glowing treasure would also get some sort of boost. Stitcher Jim (an outpost NPC) is giving out new challenges, find Ashen Keys and Ashen Chests. The Key Seeker Voyages, the Legendary Ashen Guardian Voyages, and the associated rewards will only be available during the duration of this content patch.

Permanent PvE Activities

Although the previous voyages are temporary, some content updates will be permanent. Ashen Guardian and Ashen Key masters have been spotted on random islands. Killing them will unlock a chain of events leading to Ashen treasures. These guardians and key masters are random spawns.

Ashen Chest Stash Voyage is another permanent feature. It is purchased with Doubloons or gold from Stitcher Jim. Rewards and Achievements for collecting and participating in ashen treasures voyages is another permanent addition.

Ashen Skeleton Ships

If you hated the regular Skeleton Ships, you’re really going to hate these. The loot dropped will be Ashen, but these ships lob firebombs. Ashen Skeleton Ships is a permanent addition to the game, and will not be removed when this event expires.

Ashen Skeleton Ship

Tall Tales Addition

Essentially this updated title is inspired by the newest tall tale story infusion, The SeaBound Soul. To unlock this content, visit Shipwreck Bay and find the captain’s journal hidden somewhere in the wreckage of the galleon that has washed ashore.

This latest tall tale includes new commendations and offers exclusive rewards for participating. If you are playing on Xbox, these commendations will be translated into Xbox Achievements.

Arena Updates

  • Firebombs have been added
  • 1-3 maps are now given, plus the x’s per map has been decreased (encouraging more PVP)
  • Spawn points have been adjusted
  • Parts of the arena ships can now be customized; cannons, the wheel, capstan, and the figureheads
  • Rematch? Or new opponents? Voting on matchmaking with new players or stay with your previous opponents
  • New commendations and rewards
  • New Sea Dog Reputation and rewards
  • The full Glorious Sea Dog cosmetic set is now all-inclusive

Noteworthy Updates

  • New Admiral Emotes (great for tucking)
  • Portable Ammo Crates
  • Interactive Campfires
  • Fort of the Damned Key is now tracked on the map
  • Gunpowder Keg Skeletons movement has been slowed
  • “Show Off” showing off a pet activates tricks
  • Particle effects setting added for PC
  • New rewards for; Collectors Chests in Gold Hoarder Riddles, Emergent Collector’s Chests, Emergent Skeleton Captain Rewards, and Fort Collector’s Chests
  • Ashen Tome Collection + Special Rewards

For more information for the full list of updates, additional details, and bug fixes visit the Sea of Thieves 2.0.9 Release Notes.


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