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Where to Turn in Loot in Sea of Thieves

Not all merchants are created equal. In Sea of Thieves, each type of loot will have to be turned in to a specific merchant. Treasure is linked to a specific alliance, and you will have to take certain types of loot to different merchants. Let us discuss each type of treasure and where it needs to be turned in to reap rewards.

Skulls are sold to the Order of Souls

order of souls tent on all outposts sea of thieves

The Order of Souls alliance can be found on any outpost inside the purple canopy. There is always a ‘madam’ inside the tent waiting for your skulls. Simply hold a skull in your hand, run up to her and ‘interact’. She will accept your skull and give you gold.

Chests and Trinkets are sold to the Gold Hoarders

gold hoarders turn in tent SOT

The little gold stained man in the green tent on all outposts is a representative of the Gold Hoarders alliance. He is thirsty for any and all chests, even empty ones. The only chest he will not accept is the Reapers Chest.

The second set of items the Gold Hoarders accepts are Trinkets. Which I would describe as small dainty collectibles. Trinkets are items like; goblets, chalices, carafes, caskets, grails etc. They are small and shiny, and rage in different rarities same as all other treasure in the game.   

A recent chest added to SOT are these basic, brown, chests that are intended for holding three small items. While out on your journey use these chests to cart small, single hand items, and when finished, turn this chest into the Gold Hoarder merchant for a small reward.

Crates, Gun Powder Barrels, Animals, and Bone Dust are sold to the Merchant Alliance

merchant alliance location SOT

The Merchant Alliance is found on the dock of any outpost. Typically, they are across from, or next to the ship skins merchant. The Merchant Alliance is rumored to be the most difficult alliance to earn rep for because the voyages send you out to collect animals, or hunt down powder kegs, or retrieve precious silks that can’t get wet. Most players like to turn gems into the Merchant Alliance in order to get some rep while not having to participate in Merchant Voyages.

Fish and Food is sold to the Hunters Call

hunters call merchant on a seapost sea of thieves

The Hunters Call AKA the Hungers Calling alliance is hangry and they need your food! Food can be turned in raw, but if you cook it to perfection first, you get more gold for turning it in. There are also accommodations for selling x amounts of fish and cooked food that will reward doubloons. The Hunters Call is a bit different than the others previously mentioned as the merchants are not on the major outposts.

Look on the map for the tiny little sea posts (also referred to as a ‘store’), there will be a Hunters Call merchant on all of them. There are approximately two hunters call locations for every zone. Use our interactive map to pinpoint their exact locations.

  • The Spoils of Plenty Store (The Shores of Plenty)
  • The North Star Seapost (The Shores of Plenty)
  • The Finest Trading Post (The Ancient Isles)
  • Stephen’s Spoils (The Ancient Isles)
  • The Wild Treasures Store (The Wilds)
  • Three Paces East Seapost (The Wilds)
  • Brian’s Bazaar (The Devils Roar)
  • Roaring Traders (The Devils Roar)

Mermaid Gems can be Turned in Everywhere

Gems are a rare item in SOT that are accepted by all alliances. Most pirates give them to the Merchant Alliance because they don’t like Merchant voyages, so this is a nice way to get that rep. Basically, turn these gems into an alliance you need rep experience for. The whole goal is to reach level 50 in 3 alliances so that you can ascend into Pirate Legend and take on the Athena’s Fortune.

Give Tomes, Ashen Keys, and Ashen Chests to Duke in the Tavern

duke in the tavern SOT

Duke is a special pirate that likes to move around the Tavern. Taverns can be found on any major outpost. Duke (at the time of writing this article) is warming up by the fireplace. But he has been seen sitting on the floor next to the tables and leaning against the bar.  

The tomes are a fairly new item, released with the Crews of Rage content update. Tomes are collectibles that unlock unique skins bound to that tome. In the past, for example, the ‘Tomes of Resurrection’ unlocked a full set of ashen dragon skins. I’m pretty sure you can still earn these, check with Duke’s marketplace (current and archive) to see if they are still available.  

Turn Reapers Chest, and Stolen Emissary Flags into Reapers Hideout

reapers hideout sea of thieves

We watched over the past couple of months as the Reapers Hideout was built. A home for pirates, and scallywags. There is only one Reapers Bones merchant, and she stands tucked away in the heart of Reapers Hideout. Specifically, she will accept stolen emissary flags and both the gold and red reapers chests. In addition to these rare items, every single type of treasure is accepted at Reapers Hideout. The only thing she does not accept is Tall Tale quest items.

Turning in loot to Reapers Hideout counts experience towards the pirate alliance; Reapers Bones. If you choose the pirate life, you can still earn pirate legend by reaching level 50 in this alliance.

Take the Athena’s Treasure to the Mysterious Stranger

athena treasure

Turning in any type of Athena’s Treasure will reward experience toward Athena’s Fortune. Athena’s Fortune is what could be described as late game content. Participating in voyages that reward Athena treasure, you will have to first reach Pirate Legend.

Athena’s Fortune treasure is specifically purple-stained, and glow bright green/turquoise. These treasures can only be turned into the Mysterious Stranger at any Tavern (found on all outposts). Athena’s Fortune treasure is a mixed bag of goodies. You can find an assortment of Athena skulls, trinkets, powder kegs, and chests. Again, all turned into the Mysterious Stranger.

How Emissary Flags Effect Turning in Loot

These new Emissary Flags are leveled up in 5 stages. Every activity, piece of loot collected, fish caught, treasure dug up, ship sunk, everything. Every activity will contribute to your emissary level, no matter which flag is raised. Pirates can raise an Emissary Flag for; the Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders, Athena’s Fortune, and Reapers Bones.

When your flag reaches grade 5 (max tier) a couple of things happen. First, successfully lowering that grade 5 rewards gold. Second, a secret quest is unlocked after reaching a grade 5 flag for all alliances except for Reapers Bones. If you reach Reapers Bones 5, your reward is knowledge; all other Emissary flags are visible on your ship map to see and track.

Thirdly, and most importantly, as far as loot goes, you will receive more gold and experience for turning in treasure. The higher level of your flag, the more gold you earn for turning in loot specific to the alliance flag you raised. A grade 5 emissary flag will reward 2.5x the gold earned for turning in loot associated with that specific alliance. For example, grade 5 Order of Souls Emissary Flag will reward 2.5x gold and experience for turning in skulls specifically. Keeping that grade 5 Order of Souls will not offer a boost to, let’s say, turning in chests to the Gold Hoarders.  

Where do I turn in loot in Sea of Thieves?

Loot is sold to various merchants at all outposts. The type of loot you have determines which merchant it sells to. Skulls go to the Order of Souls. Chests and trinkets are sold to the Gold Hoarders and the Merchant Alliance takes crates, kegs, animals, and bone dust. Pirates can turn in all types of loot to Reapers Hideout for Reapers Bones rep experience.

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