Cave Passage Entrance in V Rising

Teleporting with Loot in V Rising

Being able to teleport with loot in your bag is a big secret in the game that I uncovered kind of late in my V Rising journey and it is something you need to know ASAP. While you are not able to teleport via Waypoints with loot, there is a secret way to teleport around the map in V Rising while being able to keep all the loot in your bags. 

If you look on your map, you will see these little diamond shaped icons. Hover over them to see these are Cave Passages. (photo below) If you are looking to teleport in V Rising with loot in your bags, this is how you do it.

Now, these Cave Passages have entry points and exit points. The exit points are not accessible unless you have traveled through the entry point. I have tried to jump up to the exit points via the Toad Form (spoiler) but I can’t find a way. Therefore, my conclusion is that you have entrance points and exit points only. In the event you have people waiting to kill you on at the exit point, you can teleport back through the cave to prevent a gank.

Using the Cave Passages in V Rising

Cave Passages allow a player to travel to a different location while keeping the loot safe on their body. There is a total of 8 cave passages, 4 total travel routes. Each Cave entrance in V Rising has a specific exit point. There are two entrance points in the Cursed Forest, one entrance in Dunley Farms, and one entrance up in Silverlight Hills. All exits except for one take you down into Farbane Woods, the final exit is up in Dunley Farms. 

Cave Passage Routes

Cave Passage Locations and Teleport Points in V Rising

In the photo above, you will see exactly where each Cave Passage is on the map AND where each route takes you. Utilizing these Cave Passages in V Rising is one of the best ways to get around the map with loot on your body. The only downside, on highly intensive PVP servers, players like to wait outside these points in the hopes of stealing your loot. 

The best way to avoid a gank is to be in Wolf form with some 30%+ blood so that you may be able to outrun your opponents. Either that, or fight your way for glory.


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