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Xenophage Quest in 2021 Lost Sector Walls Bugged

Good evening gamers. This is an issue that multiple members of our clan have run into on their quest for the Xenophage so I wanted to share how we worked around this bug and claim the coveted Xenophage exotic weapon in Destiny 2.

Lost Sector Code Wall Bugged (How to Fix)

This happened to multiple members of our clan, and it happened on all four walls. When inputting the code on the wall of symbols the wall wasn’t registering the second symbol. It wasn’t registering it at all, not as a wrong code, but like we weren’t shooting the symbol at all. This glitch could possibly happen to other symbols in the formation, however, it only was happening with the second symbol from what I have seen with my own eyes.

We tried everything, tried it alone, tried it with a full fireteam, we went back to orbit, ran the Lost Sector, got to the wall, input the first symbol… The wall changed, perfect, as it was supposed to. Go to shoot the second symbol… the wall doesn’t register the input (when a code is right the symbols will glow green fire and change some symbols). Being really frustrated we began spamming the second symbol. To our surprise, this worked. The wall registered the second symbol and allowed us to follow through and input all the symbols which generated the chest for the quest item.

This happened with every Lost Sector code wall. The second symbol wasn’t registering that it was being shot. So, our solution is to spam the symbol that is not registering until it registers and the wall glows green and changes.

The most important part of this is that you don’t want to spam the symbol past the point of it changing. The second you see the wall start glowing (AKA the symbol being accepted) stop shooting that location. If you shoot the glitched symbol after the point of the wall changing it will register it as the next input in the chain and in most cases that will be the wrong symbol in the sequence and you will have to restart. (go to orbit and come back to the lost sector)

This worked with all Lost Sector code walls. This was the only portion of the quest that seems to be having issues. The rest of the quest should run smoothly.

How to Get Xenophage in Destiny 2

For those of you looking for a good guide, we found this one most helpful. TriGs has done a really great job at breaking down all the steps in an easy-to-digest Youtube guide.

The string of quests are as follows;

  1. Land on the moon
  2. Go to the statues by the Pyramid to start the quest
  3. Light the plates with a flame ball in Anchor of Light
  4. Input a code sequence at the end of the K1 Lost Sectors
  5. Activate the switch inside the Pit of Heresy dungeon
  6. (Inside PIT) Activate a plate that unlocks a hidden path to another flame ball
  7. (Inside PIT) Take that flame ball and open a secret door to a secret boss
  8. (Inside PIT) Defeat the secret boss
  9. Head back to Eris Morn to claim your Xenophage

I felt that it was important to lay out the steps so you know what you’re in for, but follow along with the video. It is really great, easy to comprehend and it lays out each step in the process.  


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