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You Still Have Time Super Adventure Festival is Live Now

You still have time! The Guild Wars 2 annual Super Adventure Festival 2020 has new achievements and rewards for you to earn. The event went live April 14th, 2020 and will stay active through May 12th, 2020. The Super Adventure Festival is a pixel, old arcade-style inspired event that opens up unique dungeon levels that offer rewards and achievements that are only available during the duration of the festival. Rewards for participating in the festival are things like unique miniatures, special weapon skins and other various rewards earned via Babbles. Babbles is a currency rewarded for completing challenges as well as collected inside the dungeons themselves, similar to coin collecting in Super Mario.

The festival takes the player into a unique world instance where players can participate in various activities. Within the dungeons, players must find weapons, kill bosses, complete jumping puzzles and search the zones for the path to the next checkpoint. If you die, you have to start back at your most recent checkpoint. All persons in your group must reach the checkpoints to unlock the next portion of the dungeon. Each dungeon has easy and hard modes.

Every time you die you respawn and lose a life, and after a certain amount of lives, you will have to consume another token to continue, similar to old arcade games. These tokens can be purchased with Babbles via the vendor next to the festival portal in Rata Sum. If you want to spend real money, purchase the 600 gem Adventure Festival bundle ($10 USD for 800 gems) which includes an Infinite Coin for infinite spawns.

Where is the Super Adventure Festival GW2?

Access the Super Adventure Festival in Guild Wars 2 by entering the Asura homeland, Rata Sum. The portal is next to the Magustan Court Waypoint. The vendors for redeeming Super Adventure rewards are located to the left of the Super Adventure Portal.

The first time you log in while the festival is active, you will get mail that provides 5 respawn coins and an invite to the festival. The invite will show you the location of the festival (using the invite also gives you an achievement for opening).

2020 Super Adventure Festival Rewards

There are six sets of weapon skins that can be unlocked during the Super Adventure Festival. All are similar, they represent the events pixel style and differ in color and particle effects. Some are simply purchased with gold and Babbles, while others have to be forged in the mystic forge or unlocked via achievements.

  • The Glitched Adventure – the most recent 2020 addition. These weapons are blue with a glitched particle effect found in either the Glitched Chest or Glitched Weapon Box
  • The Crimson Assassin – red skins unlocked by completing achievements
  • The Kaiser – orange skins earned by completing the Course Work achievement eight times or by opening the Kaiser Snake Weapon Box (a rare drop)
  • The Storm Wizard – yellow skins crafted in the mystic forge with items dropped from completing challenges within the dungeons
  • The King Toad – green skins, similar to the Storm Wizard, the King Toad skins are forged with items dropped from the Super Adventure dungeons
  • The Super Adventure – blue skins, easiest to earn, simply purchase from the vendor

There are quite a few rewards that can be collected such as miniatures, backpack skins, weapon skins, etc. There are also collectibles that can be purchased with gems; gliders, a chair, more miniatures, and harvesting tools. All items are designed to match the pixel, old arcade-style. Here are a few new items available to collect. To see all the new items, log in to Guild Wars 2 and join the event.

A new Super Outlaw raptor mount skin has been added to the Black Lion Marketplace. This skin is purchasable for 1600 Gems.

Finally, the Mini Super Choya Miner and the Mini Super Adventure Gourdon are available to collect via the Super Adventure vendors.


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