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Blankos Block Party: The NFT MMO Everyone Should Be Talking About

Collectible enthusiasts, we have a treat for you. The new Blankos Block Party by Mythical Games is a free-to-play, online multiplayer, party game that makes buying digital items an asset to own. Blankos is a new NFT (Non-Fungible Token) online multiplayer game, that encourages the players to create and shape the world around them.

It’s not a traditional MMO in the sense that you don’t actually roam around an open-world completing quests, although, there is a pretty awesome community hub called The Junction. The Blankos world is packed with instance-based community driven custom maps and game modes. As of right now, the game modes consist of three genres; racer, shooter games, or vibe collectors and I was pretty surprised to see instances supporting up to fifty players.

This game feels pretty polished in comparison to other blockchain games and Blankos Block Party makes it easy to play online with friends and build your collection of adorable Blankos and accessories. Enjoy your assets and when you’re done with the game, the items you have earned and invested in become digital assets for you to sell and make real money from.

What is a Blanko

Playing Blankos Block Party with Dea5 Mouse in the junction

Blankos are similar to a funko pop collectible toy you might have in real life, you can either keep it boxed or open it and have some fun. They are essentially your in-game character avatar, you can not fully customize, but you can mash your Blankos together to create something very unique. These virtual toys can be swapped between at any time, and have three skill trees at the moment to make for some interesting gameplay. Blankos can be purchased from drops, the marketplace or earned for free by simply playing the game. When unboxing a Blanko you will have the choice to select which skill tree you want to play; Tracer, Tanker, or Wrecker.

Free Blankos

Every season pass will offer one NFT Blanko (or NFT accessory) to be earned. In addition, upon first starting the game you will be given two Blankos; N.O.O.B. and Trickle. These two Blankos are not NFTs because everyone gets them, however, they do have a unique set of skills. Perfect for players who want to stick to being free to play. Photos below are of the two free Blankos and a peek at their skill trees. My N.O.O.B. is white, I mashed him, but when first earned it was red.

free blanko for starting the game
trickle blanko

The only other way to earn a free Blanko is to participate in Twitch Drops, although we have only had one. This entails hooking up your Amazon Prime account to your Blankos account, watching a Streamer (I’d recommend Chavio), waiting for a notification that you have received a drop. Accepting the drop and collecting your asset in-game.

Buying Blankos

Purchasable Blankos are always limited edition in the sense that they are sold for a period of time, and once that time is up, they will disappear. The only way to get that Blanko once it’s gone is to buy it from someone via the

There are some occasions where a Blanko is an actual limited drop, meaning only X number of that particular Blanko will be sold. Making them even rarer once they sell out. Leading me to another important aspect of a Blanko, the issue number.

Blanko Issue Number

issue numbers in blankos block party dea5 mouse blanko drop

The lower the issue number, the better the resale value it will have. When buying a Blanko for the purpose of reselling, you will want to keep it boxed and try to get a lower issue number. So keep an eye on their Discord so you can be first to buy the ones you want right when they become available. If a Blanko has a low issue number of 1,000 and under, the issue number won’t matter too much because a low quantity automatically makes it rare and valuable negating the need to have a higher issue number. Rare in the Box has a great resource for helping you determine rarity and value of a Blanko.

Some people don’t care about issue numbers, but the true collectors tend to take the issue number into account when purchasing from the marketplace. Therefore, if you can, try and get a Blanko right when it drops to guarantee you get yourself an asset that will appreciate over time.

Customizing your Blanko via mashups

zantar blanko with gumballs

All Blankos are created and dispersed by the company Mythical Games. The only way to customize these little guys is to mash them in The Junction. This basically pulls the color off one Blanko and puts it onto another. This Mashup Station has been both a treasure and a pain on my heart because I have trouble committing to a mashup even when it’s a beautiful color combination that I will probably NEVER get again.

If you don’t have a second Blanko to Mashup, you can still change the color of your Blanko via Gumballs. Gumballs are earned via the Season Pass and for completing all the weekly challenges.

Finding the Mashup Station: Press escape to see the menu. The far-left square is “Junction” travel to it. Once spawned in, run up the stairs, follow the trail of vibes until you slide down a hill. Keep running forward, there will be portal holes to your right and left, keep running. You will see a giant shelf with Blankos trapped inside with a red carpet leading up to it. Run up until you see the interact signal (for myself it is “E”). Done! You have now made it to the Mashup Station.

the depot in junction for mashup station

Now, this game is still in BETA, so the Mashup Station doesn’t work perfectly all the time. I don’t know exactly how it works so I won’t go too far into what I think is happening when it breaks, but all I know is that there are times where I pull colors that aren’t on that specific Blanko. For example, the Blanko I am mashing is white, turquoise, and pink, but I get green brown and yellows… so IDK… In addition, the more complex Blankos like Nijiko lose their detailing frequently, and the only way to get it working again is to wait… I think a fresh Junction instance fixes it because it has been about two days that my mashups have been bugged… But as I said, IDK so I won’t speculate too much. If you encounter any problems with Mashups I urge you to contact support. The only way to pinpoint a problem is through providing Mythical Games with the data necessary to address the issues.

Game Play

how to find a map in blanos block party

There are three types of activities to participate in; races, shooters, and vibe collectors. A race is exactly how it sounds, race through the map, jumping through checkpoints, and trying to take out your opponents with your skills in order to be first to cross the finish line.

The Shooter games are both FFA (free for all) and team-oriented. This game is extremely G rated, there is no blood, the weapons are nerf guns and upon death, there is no real death your Blanko sees stars, sits down for a second, and resets. Making it a family-friendly game for all ages to participate in.

The last genre is Vibe collectors. Imagine like in Mario, where you have to collect the coins as you run through the map, except they are not coins they are “Vibes”. Vibes are little lightning bolts that when collected refill your stamina bar. In a Vibe collector, you do either one of two things; collect the most vibes before the time runs out, or you are racing against other players to be the first to collect X amount of Vibes.

All blocks (maps) are made by the community. If you would like to make your own map press escape to see the menu, to the left of your shelf you will see Blocks. Click into that, all blocks you create will be stored there. Do NOT get cheeky and make inappropriate maps, keep it G rated or your account will be banned and I’m assuming that ban also comes with a loss of all the items you purchased and earned. So, you have been warned, this game is kid-friendly, keep it that way.

Why you need to join Blankos ASAP

emote in blankos

Blankos is brand new, and it’s only going to continue to grow. The sooner you jump in the more you have to gain because early access items are always more valuable in any genre. Whether you’re buying Blanko drops or playing the Season Pass to earn free NFTs, getting in early increases your chances of earning something valuable. On the upside, you’re playing a game and potentially making real money. The downside, Blankos is still in BETA, so it will take time for your assets to appreciate.

But to give you some perspective. Sergeant Poppy was the Season 00 NFT Blanko earnable via the very first season pass. The season is one week away from ending, and there have only been 281 minted to date (not including mints in the final week of the season pass).

These Sergeant Poppy Blankos have sold (actual sales, not people just listing them) for $500 via the marketplace. Another rare one, Camo J only minted 355 and he just sold for $1,095 and that’s with only a small portion of the community having access to the marketplace. Like the game, the Marketplace is actually in earlier stages, it’s only in Alpha. The potential for this game is insane because it’s centered around an NFT that is playable, it has a purpose and the team/funding behind Blankos gives it the legs to stand on to become a household name one day. So, the sooner you jump in on the action, the better your odds of earning some of the rarest items in the game.


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