Destiny 2 Respawn Bug [2023]

I’ve observed a significant issue that emerged with the release of Season 22, also known as the Season of the Witch. The problem revolves around my character’s death. Upon dying, I wait for the timer to allow me to self respawn. Once the countdown for revival concludes, and I attempt to toggle the respawn option, and nothing, it doesn’t work. Destiny 2 keeps me trapped in a deceased state until a fellow member of my fireteam revives me.

This glitch appears to have manifested across all activities I’ve engaged in so far: Nightfalls, strikes, dungeons, raids, and even the new ritual activities. Needless to say, it’s been an incredibly frustrating experience.

Please ignore the curvyness of this image, I made the mistake of taking this screenshot while using my curved monitor.. needless to say, its not the best for screenshots!

I haven’t come across much discussion about this particular issue. However, it’s essential to note that I’m not alone in facing this problem; multiple members of my Destiny 2 gaming group have encountered the same bug.

Which leads me to believe that this is an error on the game’s part, rather than something wrong on my end. If you find yourself unable to respawn, I encourage you to report it to Bungie. Let’s hope they can get this resolved soon. This issue is particularly troublesome, especially for solo players who are unable communicate their inability to respawn with their team.


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