Diablo 4 PVP Hatreds Chosen

Diablo 4 PVP Hatreds Chosen Rewards Explained

Hatred’s Chosen can be earned by killing other players “Marked for Blood” in a PVP zone. Killing other players will grant you points, at 100 points a 5 minute timer will be triggered. Once flagged with the buff, your position will be visible on the map for other players in your instance to see. You will not be able to start a ritual for your Seeds of Hatred until the timer has expired. 

The goal of becoming Hatred’s Chosen is to reach 100 points and survive the timer without dying to preserve your seeds. The tool tip while in game for this Hatred’s Chosen buff says survive throughout the timer for greater rewards. And well… This is the primary purpose for this article. We initially thought the “greater rewards” meant something extra (like gear or a cache) that drops at the end of the timer. 

Hatreds Chosen Rewards

The reward for surviving the Hatred’s Chosen buff are three things. To start, the first time you reach 100 points and become chosen, the title [Hatred’s] and [Chosen] will be unlocked for you to use as a player title. Second, killing enemy players and mobs out in the world will slowly earn you Seeds of Hatred at an increased rate. Thirdly, at the end of the timer the seeds earned will be automatically converted to Red Dust. Because there is no big obvious visual indication makes us feel like we missed something the first time it happens. You will just notice your seeds and timer disappearing. After that happened, I was sitting there waiting for my “reward” to drop not considering that was it. 

It is also important to note that the drop rate of Seeds of Hatred scales to your World Tier. I have also found that the higher the tier the more advanced the players. So, if you are really struggling to hang on to seeds, consider dropping your world tier down (I wouldn’t go lower than world tier 2) so that you have potentially an easier time. 

Diablo 4 Bloody Steed earned with Red Dust in PVP Zone

Reaching Hatreds Chosen and surviving the timer is the most fruitful way of earning Seeds of Hatred. Which in turn, gets you the PVP unique mount items and rewards faster.

How many kills does it take to become Hatred’s Chosen? 

From my experience, 10 ish kills. I say ish because there have been instances where I only get 5 points per kill instead of 10. I THINK this is because I killed the same person within a short period of time. But this is still unknown to me. When killing a player all their Seeds of Hatred will drop plus a small chance to earn their Ear. 


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