New World Mote Guide: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Life, Death, Soul

In the mystical realm of Aeternum, elemental motes serve as vital resources for alchemists and artisans alike. These magical entities, imbued with the power of the elements, are crucial for crafting and enhancing a wide array of items. This guide will discuss the diverse categories of elemental motes and provide insights into where to harvest them.

Elemental motes can be collected from various sources:

  • Mining Nodes
  • Harvesting Nodes
  • Special Small Animals
  • Alchemy Loot-able Crates and Stockpiles (tier 1 through 3)
  • Oil Supply Carts

Each element has a mineable, a harvestable and a collectable which doesn’t require any proficiency. In the early game, never pass these up as they can be a good source of gold revenue in the early game.

Understanding Elemental Motes

Elemental motes are potent resources that harness seven elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Life, Death and Soul. Alchemists and craftsmen can utilize these motes to create diverse items, from healing potions to magical equipment.

In New World, elemental motes take a central role, especially when it comes to magic and alchemy. These motes are the special ingredients used to make potions, tinctures, and powerful magical weapons.

Elemental motes are particularly significant in alchemy, where they are essential for crafting a variety of potions, including mana, health, and stamina potions. Additionally, there are other potions like the powerful Encumbrance Potion that offer various advantages.

Farming and Finding Elemental Motes in Aeternum

I want to preface this with one important fact. You can find these motes anywhere in the world but there are some locations with a higher density than others. So, when we note a specific location, know that this is not the only place to find them but it has been catalogued as the highest density for that particular resource.

I found this video to be especially helpful in farming motes.

Fire Motes

Fire motes have hot spots in Windsward and Mourning Dale.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Dragonglory
  • Mining Proficiency: Scorchstone
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Salamander Snails

Earth Motes

Earth motes are prevalent in rocky zones across Aeternum. A large spawn point for them is both Monarch’s Bluff and Shattered Mountain.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Earthspine
  • Mining Proficiency: Earthcrag
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Earthshell Turtles

Air Motes

Air motes, are more prominent in Restless Shore and to the south Great Cleave although they can be found all over the world.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Shockbulbs
  • Mining Proficiency: Shockspires
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Lightning Beetles

Death Motes

Death motes are dominant in swampy areas, particularly in Weaver’s Fen and to the North West of First Light.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Blightroot
  • Mining Proficiency: Blightcrag
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Blightmoths

Life Motes

Blossoming Essence of Vitality. Life motes, are abundant in Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Lifebloom
  • Mining Proficiency: Lifejewel
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Life Moths

Soul Motes

Soul motes can be rarer to find. Seek them in Mourningdale and the shared borders of Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, and Windsward.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Soulsprite
  • Mining Proficiency: Soulspire
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Soulwyrms

Water Motes

Water motes can be found around bodies of water. Seek a concentrated abundance of them near Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood’s central lake.

Collection Method and Resource Types:

  • Harvesting Proficiency: Rivercress
  • Mining Proficiency: Springstone
  • Collectable (everyone can collect): Spinefish

From potions to potent magical equipment, these motes hold the secrets of alchemy and the mysteries of magic. Whether you’re a novice alchemist or a curious explorer, the art of collecting motes is your path to mastery in the world of New World.


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