PlayStation Players Furious They Can’t Connect to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players on PlayStation are consistently grappling with a challenging situation as they encounter difficulties accessing the Destiny 2 network. This issue seems to be affecting both PS4 and PS5 users alike.

It’s evident that this problem isn’t on the users’ end, as they can easily connect to their friends’ lists and play other online games without any hitches. However, when attempting to load Destiny 2, they only make it as far as the title screen before encountering the frustrating “Cannot connect to the PlayStation Network” error.

How to Resolve Connectivity Issues

Resolving connectivity issues with Destiny 2 can be found on the official Bungie website. If that doesn't work and you are having trouble with connecting to Destiny 2 via the PlayStation network take a look at the Destiny 2 Server Status and Update page or the Down Detector website. If there are no down times, and you are still having this issue, and you have exhausted all your efforts on your end. It might be time to submit a support ticket. Good luck gamers.

Efforts such as restarting the PlayStation console and internet routers prove futile in resolving this issue of not being able to connect to the PlayStation Network while playing Destiny 2. Curiously, even the Sony network status reports everything as functioning smoothly, so the root cause seems to lie with Bungie.

One major concern arises from all of this: will the PlayStation network connectivity problems ever get resolved? In the latest State of the Game update, Bungie openly admitted that their resources are stretched thin and they can only focus on their current goals.

This begs the question: will connectivity problems like the ones plaguing the PlayStation network persist until the release of the Final Shape update? At what juncture do these persistent connectivity issues become so substantial that Bungie is compelled to reevaluate their priorities and allocate resources to fix the problem?


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