Major Weapon Expansion is Coming to Albion Online

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Coming with the August content release, Rise of Avalon will not only be a brand-new season of content but will also be unveiling Avalonian Weapons. This new Avalonian Weapon set will be the first major expansion for the weapons system since the release of Level 3 Artifacts.

This brand-new weapon set will include 15 artifact weapons as well as three off-hand weapons. These weapons will be available in T4 through T8 grades totaling 90 variations available. With this weapon infusion, we can expect a disrupt in how players will interact in PvP as well as PvE, speculating that this hot drop will completely change the current META.

Each new weapon will have its own personality. We can expect to see brand new spells and abilities to accompany these Avalonian Weapons. My personal favorite out of all the new abilities listed will have to be the Inner Shadow via the Avalonian Cursed Staff. This skill when cast on a player (enemy or ally) will summon a shadow.

This shadow cast will be completely dependent on the players’ armor. For cloth armor, an AoE lightning shadow will spawn damaging those in its area effect. For leather armor, this shadow will steal life and return it to the caster. Finally, when cast on plate armor, a tank shadow will appear and slow the target, and after a period of time smash a hammer down and shred their armor.

The Inner Shadow ability is such a fantastic, dynamic skill to utilize. The skill is unique to the player it has been cast upon which is something I personally haven’t seen in other games. Making this skill a quick decision maker and will keep fights interesting. The dev diary below explains more of what to expect with these Avalonian Weapons.

How to Obtain an Avalonian Weapon

Crafting these new Avalonian Weapons will require crafting Avalonian artifacts via the Avalonian Shards. In addition to crafting these artifacts can be dropped via Avalonian people (enemy mobs). With this content release, Rise of Avalon, these Avalonian shards will be made more readily available in hopes that more players will be able to access, create, and use these new weapons. In addition, the Roads of Avalon is another way to obtain these rare materials.

The Roads of Avalon essentially connect various locations with a few caveats. Only a certain number of players will be able to enter and are active for a limited time. Once inside, players fight mobs, loot treasure chests and discover the zone on the other end of the road. These are speculated to be both single player and small group oriented. These roads and where they lead will be a secret to those who discover their start and end points. Making for a great looting experience as well as an exciting new exploration adventure.  

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