New World Crafting Bug: Armor Patterns Unusable

As a group of New World players, we have encountered a disheartening issue that is impacting our crafting experience. Crafting plays a vital role in the game, providing both essential end-game items and valuable experience during the leveling stages.

The problem lies with the Armor Patterns, which are currently broken in New World. It’s frustrating to come across a new pattern, gather all the necessary requirements, only to find that the ‘craft button’ remains greyed out. This issue seems to be a bug, which should not exist, but unfortunately, it does. If you possess the required crafting station level, the Armor Pattern, and all the necessary crafting components, yet the crafting button remains unresponsive, then you are encountering the same bug.

Attempting to address this problem, I’ve exhaustively conducted research, including contacting Amazon Games support, exploring Discord, and scouring Reddit for potential solutions.

I even tried repairing my Steam game files, logging out and back in, leveling up, and attempting different patterns at various crafting stations—still, the bug persists.

I empathize with others facing this issue and assure you that you’re not alone. Despite various efforts, there is no known fix for this problem, and it has persisted for months, with no resolution in sight.

My biggest concern is temporary items for the event. I refuse to spend valuable tokens on them, uncertain whether they would even function correctly in light of this bug. I’ll keep you updated if I decide to take the risk and decide to buy them.

Current Patterns Bugged (that I know of, might be more)

As per my research, the following Armor Patterns are assumed to be bugged in New World, though there may be more:

  • Magnificent Patterns
  • Majestic Patterns
  • Minstrel Patterns
  • Layered Silk Patterns
  • Purchasing Multiple Medley Gold Patterns only yields one in your inventory
  • Rushing Patterns and/or OPR Rushing Patterns not appearing

Considering the importance of this issue to gameplay, I believe it deserves a higher priority for resolution. I’m unsure if the developers are treating it as seriously as they should, which is why I’m spreading the word in the hopes of garnering attention and finding a solution.

If you want it resolved quickly I’d recommend contacting support via Amazon Games, submitting an in-game report, or adding to the pile in the Bug Report section in the official New World Discord server.

How to Contact Amazon Games Support  

For those seeking immediate assistance in resolving this issue, I recommend contacting Amazon Games support. However, I must mention that despite my own attempt at seeking help, the problem remains unresolved. To streamline the support process, be prepared to connect your Amazon and Steam accounts, as they may require it. Additionally, they will request your Game Logs. I have included the exact instructions given to me by Amazon Games Support.

Instructions for finding the in-game logs:

1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
2. Open the most recent file from this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.
3. Send the 3 most recent log files that you see in the LogBackups folder.

The appdata folder is a hidden folder in some occasions, to be able to see the hidden folder you can follow this steps:

1. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
2. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
3. Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and OK.

DxDiag report:
Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.
Click on dxdiag.exe.
When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to your desktop

Submit a Bug Report VIA the Official Discord Server

In order to submit a report on the official New World Discord server, we must first locate it. Although I could provide you with an invite code, doing so poses the risk of it expiring. To avoid this, I’ll guide you on how to access the Official New World Discord Server without relying on an invite code. We have published a separate article that offers detailed instructions on this process: How to Join a Discord Server Without an Invite Code.

Let’s continue to raise awareness about this bug and hope for a timely resolution from the developers.


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