Summit1G Breathes Life Back into Guild Wars 2

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In a quest to find the best MMO, Summit1G has just bounced from Elder Scrolls Online to Guild Wars 2. Based on a recent interview, we know that Summit is looking forward to Ashes of Creation. Although, while the 1G is waiting for AoC, we are excited he has chosen to give GW2 a try.

This type of exposure is huge for Guild Wars 2 which has been overshadowed by bigger titles with larger audiences. Streamers like Summit1G have the ability to breathe life into games that need a second chance. After taking a break from ESO Summit has committed to giving Guild Wars a proper chance at the MMO gauntlet.

Why did Summit stop playing Elder Scrolls Online?

It’s a long story, but to sum it up (see what I did there?) he explained to his stream that it was making him too salty and he believes it was killing his channel. Summit went on to explain the mood and tone change among his audience while grinding ESO. As you can see in the tweet below he said “all I know is it causes a rage that I can’t have anymore lol” in reply King Richard.

So why has Summit started playing Guild Wars 2?

Summit1G talked about how excited he was to play World vs World and how gorgeous a game looks for being so old (even while he had the game on low settings). Having tried many of the major MMOs in the past like Black Desert Online, he expressed his interest in trying something brand new.

Summit’s GW2 thoughts

First off he decided to play as the Asura, which has the smallest character model in the game exclaiming “I like to be a small looking motherf**ker in all my games” to his stream. After starting GW2, Summit had a few initial thoughts like the fact that he liked the inventory system and the time limit on swapping weapons. Also, he wasn’t too sure about how he felt about the tab targeting and is not sure how he will end up playing the game. Summit’s chat chimed in to talk about poor communication from the GW2 team and not enough content updates (talk about debbie downers). Summit compared Guild Wars to World of Warcraft saying GW2 was more like WoW than ESO and I can hear the fanboys now.

Will Summit like Guild Wars 2?

Based on Summit’s goals in most MMOs we can assume he will be grinding into the AM to become PVP ready. That being said, we are curious to see what his journey looks like and we will keep you updated. At the moment his chat is continuing to lead him in different directions but I imagine he will also have fun working towards the mounts and legendaries. For now, Summit said he will be chillin’ out and leveling.

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