Get Moving in Last Oasis the New Survival MMO

Travel from one patch of oasis to the next in an effort to stay alive on a dying planet. Earth has stopped rotating and the only habitable land rests between the scorched and the frozen. Players must travel around and outrun the elements while surviving the land and defending their loot. Mobile bases are the glue that holds this game together. Walkers, unique to Last Oasis, are a new concept of land ships that act as mobile bases where players can build structures, store loot, and respawn when killed.  

This is one of the games us here at MMO Scoop have been crossing our fingers for. Hoping it would get to a playable stage and it’s here! Although this game is in early access, it feels extremely polished. In this article, we will be discussing all the great things Last Oasis has to offer.

  • Server Selection
  • Character Creation
  • Tutorial Starting Zone
  • Questing / Missions
  • Gathering
  • Crafting
  • Building
  • Weapons
  • Skill tree
  • Survival Needs: Stamina, Health, Thirst
  • Researching
  • Skill Points
  • Character Leveling Stats (stat points earned while leveling up)
  • PvE, PvP
  • Event Maps
  • Crafting Skill Points
  • Character Skill Points
  • First Person and Third Person
  • Player Driven Economy


The most important game feature is going to be these land ships AKA Walkers. Players must craft one of these mobile bases to save their loot, log out safely and traverse through the zones. Currently, there are 13 Walkers designs that come prefabricated. All players have an equal opportunity and unlock the different Walker designs by leveling up. Each Walker has its own unique perk and all Walkers can be customized at a Stationary Trading Post. From adding weapons to more efficient storage, Walkers are customizable to your play preference.  

Open-World (for the most part)

The map is a mostly open world. Similar to traditional MMO’s, players can travel between different open-world zones. Last Oasis is unique in that each world is on a clock, and when one dies, another new oasis will take its place.

There are two types of zones, the Oases, and the Wastelands. Wastelands are harder and offer different resources and activities. Oases are considered habitable land, don’t get that confused with “safe-zones”. Each zone is unique in their own way, the goal of this game is to move around, adventure and explore.

Beware of the Rupu

Rupu are the monkeys running around, attacking you from level 1. I have seen the more advanced higher level Rupu drop special weapons. A bone club in particular. Rupu are everywhere and waiting in the bushes for you. So look out! Killing them rewards experience and resources, you cannot gather them as you would in ARK, but they drop items on death similar to a traditional MMO.

Grappling Hooks

last oasis grappling hooks in use

Permanently attached to your left arm is your grappling hook. It is a necessary utility item that aids in exploration and quite frankly, climbing up onto a giant Walker. It’s fairly easy to use, but hard to get the hang of. The only part of the game that personally, feels a bit clunky so far. When you grapple up you can get stuck under ledges and need to double-tap space bar to activate the climbing feature, which if used properly will activate an animation that lets you climb up onto a ledge. It’s hard to say whether all ledges are climbable at the moment, but so far, I’ve been able to grapple myself up onto nearly everything using the grappling hook.

Water is your Greatest Resource

Water serves many purposes in Last Oasis. Use it to drink, craft, travel and respawn. Craft water at the campfire by cooking cactus. Currently cooking cactus is the best method for gathering water. Store water in your inventory by equipping crafted water bottles. Craft water storage on your Walker to drink or save it up for traveling and respawning to your Walker base. So, when you see a Cactus gather it, you never can have too much water in a desert pirate game.

Survival Instincts

This game is considered a survival MMO for a couple of reasons. First, you have to monitor health, stamina and thirst levels. Water, as we mentioned above, is the most important resource for traveling and respawning on your walker, but it also is needed to keep your character alive. When your water runs out so will your stamina making you walk at a slow pace. Health is managed by bandages and potions offer a wide range of benefits that we have still yet to discover.

Secondly, the maps are PvP. Players can attack, kill you, and take your loot. They can break into your base and destroy your boxes on your Walker to gain access to the items inside. For those who hate the idea of losing your loot you are in luck, Last Oasis offers offline protection keeping your Walkers’ contents and your body safe while offline.

Skills, Tech Tree, and Leveling  

Similar to an MMO, players need to level up to earn skill points. There are multiple Tech skill avenues to spend your points on. Use them to learn an assortment of recipes from armor, weapons, crafting, structures, and building stations. I am still unsure if you will have enough points to learn every single recipe, and so far, I don’t see a way to reset your skill tree so choose wisely.

In addition to your crafting skill points, you will also earn character stat skill points. They can be placed in one of four avenues; health, damage, stamina, and mobility. Each pretty straight forward I don’t think I need to explain.  

Building and Structures

base building in last oasis

Although the focus is mobility, there are perks for building a static base. Higher-level resources will need to be crafted in order to build or craft more advanced structures, armor, weapons, and Walkers. The best example I can give is the crafted fiber needed for building the wings of the more advanced Walkers.

When the zone eventually expires and it comes time to move, you will be able to “pack up” your built structures into your walker and take them to your next location. Use the scroll wheel on your Walker and find the Pack Up option, it will prompt you on how to collect your structures and store them in your Walker. I assume the storage capacity will be contingent on the size Walker you have as well as the storage crafted for it, so keep that in mind while packing up.

Hot Keys

This list of essential buttons can be found in-game via the Codex. But just in case you want to stare at them on a separate screen here are the necessary hotkeys for Last Oasis:  

  • P – Player Menu
  • I – Inventory
  • O – Tech Tree
  • C – Crafting Menu
  • B – Building Menu
  • G – Clan Menu
  • M – Map View
  • F – Gather


When I'm not grinding levels in my favorite MMOs I'm creating or crafting something for fun.

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