GW2 Skimmer Mount

Explore the Depths with the New Underwater Mount in Guild Wars 2

Sorry if that title tricked you, but it’s not technically a new mount, it’s an old one. The latest update has changed the way Skimmers function, they can now travel underwater! For players who have unlocked Path of Fire, you will be able to level up the Skimmer mount with the new ‘Skimming the Depths’ Mastery Line, making traveling underwater easier than ever before.

This new mastery addition to the Skimmers was a much-needed addition. For a while now, the community has been all but begging for an underwater mount. Guild Wars 2 is known for their beautiful and dynamic underwater gameplay it only makes sense that they add an underwater mount.

I can already hear the haters.. Why didn’t they make a new one instead of recycling an old one?? And I’ll tell you WHY. It’s because as the mounts have progressed, the wide range of utilities from the all other Guild Wars 2 mounts have over shadowed the original purpose of the Skimmer.

We no longer need to skim over dangerous terrain, we can either fly over it or dash through it with something like the Rollerbeetle or Skyscale. Once you level all the other mounts, the Skimmer seems to lose its purpose. The only time I take it out nowadays is to travel over large bodies of water. Once I’m back on land its either Griffon, Skyscale, or Rollerbeetle time. I never see the need to travel via Skimmer simply because it’s so much slower than the rest.

I am excited to see that Guild Wars 2 isn’t wasting mounts. I think it’s a fantastic idea to convert the Skimmer into an underwater mount, we desperately needed one! Plus it already looks like it belongs under water. I mean it’s a giant sting ray looking fella. While most of the skins are tailored to underwater creatures, we do have some Skimmer mount skins that are going to be hilarious to see swimming below the sea (IE the Hummingbird Skin).


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