Summit1G’s Thoughts on Amazon’s New MMO

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If you’ve been watching Summit lately, you know that he’s been trying out every MMO under the sun. Recently, Summit played Guild Wars 2 and now he’s on to trying out Amazon’s New World.

I’m writing this as Summit makes his way through his first encounters in New World accompanied by his fellow streamer JoshOG. The two have voiced their opinions on the game and here’s what they think so far.

What does Summit1G think of New World?

Summit says he thinks the game feels good and the characters have a dark souls feel to them. Another feature he enjoys is the action combat and how difficult it is to hit players with the bow. The two streamers had their first PVP experience, which was wildly unsuccessful but did give the two a taste for the combat. Summit is already eager to start PVPing and is interested in the territory control aspect from the game.

So far Summit isn’t sure if he will like the game long-term yet and will probably have a better sense by the end of the week. That being said he hasn’t had a long attention span for other MMOs besides Elder Scrolls Online.

What did JoshOG think?

Josh admired the art style and animations adding that it doesn’t seem to tank his FPS. Between the two, Josh is far more optimistic when it comes to giving the game a fair chance. That being said Josh mentioned he wasn’t a fan of the magic ability right now and recommends using the hatchet when getting started. Both agreed that the game has mad potential and they are looking forward to playing more of it during the preview.

Who else is playing the New World preview?

So far Asmongold really likes New World and Lirik hates the game, but most streamers including Soda Poppin don’t know what to think quite yet. There are many other well-known streamers playing the game for the next 10 days so do yourself a favor and go check it out.

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