The Rust Instrument DLC Pack We Never Knew We Needed 🎵

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Rust the Musical, coming to a PC near you. You and your friends can now purchase the latest DLC pack, Instruments. Chill out by the fire, relax, and play some tunes to have a little extra RP fun in the popular Survival MMO. Hold onto your Bucket Helmets because these are no ordinary instruments. These unique instruments have been handcrafted out of objects you can find out in the procedural world of Rust.

Instruments include:

  • Pan Flute
  • Shovel Bass
  • Jerry Can Guitar
  • Canbourine
  • Cowbell
  • Sousaphone
  • Plumber’s Trumpet
  • Xylobones
  • Junkyard Drum Kit
  • Wheelbarrow Piano

This DLC pack allows players with MIDI-compatible devices or keyboards to plug it in and play through the in-game instruments. It has not been made clear if these items can be found or if they must be crafted. But as a player of Rust, I can assume they will most likely be crafted, with a small chance of being found in loot spawns. This DLC can be purchased through the Rust Instruments DLC Steam Store Page.

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