Destiny 2 is Expanding Vault Space?

The world of Destiny has doubled in size now that Bungie has decided to stop sunsetting weapons. Endless weapon rolls, endless possibilities for META changes and yet, we can only hold 500 items in our Vault! Enough is enough Bungie, give us more Vault space!! This issue wasn’t as time sensitive when sunsetting weapons was a thing. Now that guns can forever be upgraded it is nearly impossible to delete items from our vault… What if they one day become META?! I just can’t do it. I spend hours grinding, all to face the impossible task of picking and choosing which armor and weapon rolls I will be destroying. Well Bungie, if you don’t have time to consider possibilities on how to improve this problem don’t worry, I have solved this issue for you!

Adding More Storage to the Destiny 2 Vault

The first and simplest of options; let us pay for more space… Put a little [+] button at the top of the D2 Vault next to the arrows, when you hover, it says “Increase Vault Space”. Yes, I want that, so I click the button. A pop up appears where you can pay silver for increments of 50 spaces. Why 50 you may ask? Because that is the exact number per page we are already given.

Bungie, all you have to do is add another page to the vault. DONE. Simple… Now how much would that cost you ask? Let us take a moment to compare Vault storage in other MMOs. TLDR: the cost to increase Vault storage is around $10. My calculations are below.

Guild Wars 2 charges 600 Gems to add 30 slot tabs to the bank. The lowest number of Gems you can purchase is 800 Gems for ten US dollars. Elder Scrolls Online vault space, you can either pay with in game currency OR spend 1,000 Crowns to get the +10 increments. One thousand Crowns costs about $10 (US). Two purchasing methods, a $7.99 pack for 750 Crowns, or the $14.99 pack for 1,500 Crowns. Thus making the value of 1,000 Crowns roughly $10.

Both games the additional bank storage can be earned in game, but I would bet that majority of players fork over the $10 in a pinch. Guild Wars 2 gives you more space for your money (30) where ESO sticks to the system they already have in place; every increase is +10 whether you are buying with actual money or in game currency.

Now how to translate this into Destiny 2? Simple. Each page in the vault is already designed to hold 50 items. Therefore, the easiest increments would be +50 every time a Guardian wants to add space to their Vault. As for price, let’s look to the Silver bundles already available; $5, too cheap… Sorry everyone… $10 bundle gives us 1,000 (+100 bonus), $20 gives 2,000 silver (+300 bonus) and so on. (Here’s a picture).

I feel like 1,000 Silver is a fair price. I would even go so far as 1,100 silver, if you wanted to force everyone to buy the $20 silver bundle… it feels like more, but you could upgrade 2x for the twenty dollars with that added silver bonus so it’s like getting each upgrade for $10… However, given how temperamental the community was over having to pay for dungeons, I would say $10 (1,000 Silver per upgrade) would probably be the sweet spot.

Uploading Weapon and Armor to Collections for Save Keeping

Now here is my second idea. This one is more complicated… Allow us to store weapon rolls in our Collections. The Collections tab keeps track of each piece of gear we unlock. What if we were able to upload a preferred roll whether it be armor or weapons.

This function is already in place to a degree. The collections tab allows us to pull out various items for X amount of currencies once it has been unlocked (not all gear but some). This is the opposite of that, but will store rolls we actually like in our collections. This will also give us a way to pull weapons and armor that “Cannot reacquire randomized gear”. (You know what I’m talking about.)

It is so disappointing pulling a base stat roll out of collections when someone asks you, “Do you have Luna factions?” but you just deleted your decent roll for, lets face it… because you were out of room… But that doesn’t matter to the LFG. You are still forced to use the crap roll, non-master-worked versions… I would be okay with a non-masterwork, if the stats were something I could work with. Or could you upload a master-worked piece?! Hmmmm that would be even better to be honest!

I would see this as another task for Ada-1. She gives us Synth for making Ornaments, how about she gives us the ability to earn tokens that allow us to update our Collections tab with gear we want to save? I would be fine with a limit per season, but make it like 20-50 tokens per season since there are always new weapons and armor being added.

I would love this feature so I can clean up some Vault space. About half of my vault is currently filled with Armor that has dropped with high stats that I am saving in the event I need a specific build. When a piece of armor drops over 65 points, I don’t care what the points are in, I save it. And I can guarantee you I’m not alone.

Same for weapons, there are “god rolls” that have dropped that I save even though I don’t plan on using the weapon any time soon. The META shifts so frequently, I can’t risk not having that weapon in the event it becomes useful. I feel like storing these sorts of items have value being in the Collections tab over the Vault.

Please Bungie! Give Us Vault Space!

Okay, Bungie, I’m talking to you. Please I hope someone on your team has read this post. I’m not quite done rambling, I have some opinions on my opinions. Straight up Vault space is what we need, because we want, no, NEED the ability to save everything we work hard grinding for. Destiny 2 is a game centered around the loot, yet we only have 500 slots to store the thousands of items we work hard to earn. Please give us a solution. PLEASE I BEG YOU.  

My second idea about uploading to Collections is not bad, but I still want more Vault space even if you choose to implement a way to upload our preferred rolls into Collections. Honestly, these are both ways for some sweet, juicy cash flow. In addition to the yearly expansions, the Seasons, and Ada-1’s Ornaments, Vault space is something everyone one wants and will at minimum, pay to upgrade once. I can already tell you, I want an additional 500 slots, so I’m ready and waiting to throw money at you.


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