Last Oasis Issues Refunds and Shuts Servers Down for 7 Days

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After having one hell of a rocky launch, Last Oasis shuts down for seven days. Let’s talk about why and what else they will be doing to take this matter seriously.

Getting Help

Last Oasis announced they have brought on a team of backend engineers to speed up the process of fixing their server issues.

Issuing Full Refunds

The Last Oasis team also mentioned they will be issuing full refunds for anyone who requests a refund regardless of the time they have “played” Last Oasis. Many players were frustrated because their Steam profiles showed they had hours “in-game” but they were simply waiting in the queue and having repeated crashes. That being said, it’s a good sign that the Donkey Crew team is showing good faith by extending this offer to all players who are currently unhappy.

Suspending Servers

Another necessary measure being taken by the Last Oasis team is suspending the servers for the next seven days. This is an important step to close the progression gap between players who have been able to connect and those who have not. We’ve all seen the reviews from the pissed off players who can’t get in while their friends are having a blast.

Last Oasis Wipe

We are hoping the team at Last Oasis does a global wipe before the servers come back online. The main reason we think this is an important measure is to give players an equal opportunity. Without a server wipe, there will be an unfair advantage for those who continued to level and loot in a seemingly empty server. Players will get upset if they finally get to play the game and others have had a three-day headstart.

Screenshot from Last Oasis Steam Reviews

For more information read: Why Last Oasis was Down?

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