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We heard the community loud and clear, you want to know which mobile MMOs you should be playing in 2019. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, here’s the best new-ish MMO games to play on your mobile phones.

That being said, you can also play almost all of the mobile games we mention below on your PC as well. Go check out our guide on how to play Android games on your PC if you’d rather play these mobile MMOs on your computer in fullscreen.

Please note: This list is not in any specific order of relevance and not based on ratings. The list below is simply a table of contents, so feel free to save the salt for your dinner.

Crusaders of Light

Free-to-play / 3.9 stars / 67K reviews / 1M+ downloads 

Crusaders of Light Mobile MMO game
Crusader of Light on Apple App Store Crusader of Light on Google Play Store Play Crusaders of Light with BlueStacks on PC

Crusaders of Light is a large open-world mobile MMORPG game with large scale battles. Team up with your guild to participate in massive boss battles or try your hand at intense PvP combat. Crusaders of Light offers a pretty fun Arena battle mode and the most recent update offers a new Assassin class. 

Fight demon hordes and restore the peace to your land. Crusaders of Light fans have had many overwhelmingly positive things to say about the game. Overall the game has maintained a 4-star review on the Google Play Store, making it a good mobile game to consider playing. 

Major Game Features

  • 40 player bosses battles
  • Dungeon and raids
  • Arena battles (1v1, 3v3, 5v5)
  • Gear collecting 
  • Large scale battles 
  • Battle Royale mode 
  • Open world 
  • Gear customizations 
  • Mounts (50+ options)
  • Auto-play 

First Impressions 

The first cut scene of Crusaders of Light has absolutely beautiful graphics, right down to the flowing hair animations. The game took a while to update after the initial install but that can be expected with mobile MMOs. I can’t believe the graphics, they were stunning for a mobile game, lots of effects and animations which made it one of my favorites.

There were eight classes to choose from and the races seem to be tied to your Class selection. I did notice there were no additional character customizations available initially, besides male or female. If you hate popups, prepare yourself, right off the bat there were three different popups right after character creation and it is important to note that there is an auto-play mechanic, and basically, I did not have to run or kill anything.

World of Kings

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4.3 stars / 25k reviews / 1M+ downloads

World of Kings online MMO for mobile
World of Kings on Apple App Store World of Kings on Google Play Store Play World of Kings with BlueStacks on PC

World of Kings, a mobile MMO, is based in a fantasy world. This game also has an auto-run and auto-play mechanic for lazy or busy gamers. World of Kings graphics are vibrant in color and provide a lot of customizations considering it is a mobile game. World of Kings is another great option to explore when looking for a mobile MMOs.

World of Kings has been rated 5-stars in the Play Store (Sep 2019). Most reviewers agree that the game is user-friendly but it can feel repetitive due to constantly farming dungeons for gear. A downside, some feel that the game is over-run with bots and it is hard to get real people interactions, which makes participating in dungeons and end game content difficult. Even with the negative reviews it still maintains a 5-star rating, so they must be doing something right.

Major Game Features

  • Instance Dungeons with difficulty scales 
  • Quests 
  • Gearing and stats
  • Roles (tank, healer, damage)  
  • Open world 
  • Auto-play 
  • Auto path
  • Pets 
  • Mounts 
  • Crafting 
  • PvP, PvE
  • Social aspects, guilds, and parties 
  • Events 
  • 4 races 
  • 9 classes (27 advanced classes)

First Impressions

World of Kings was a really fun game, although I didn’t have to run to quests or even attack in the beginning. As I leveled up and advanced through the game, the content started requiring me to actively control my character, which I enjoyed. The graphics are a bit dated, but the colors are vibrant and the game has a World of Warcraft feel to them. 

Order & Chaos 2

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 3.9 stars / 252K reviews / 10M+ downloads

Order & Chaos 2 is a 3D MMORPG
Order & Chaos 2 on Apple App Store Order & Chaos 2 on Google Play Store Play Order & Chaos 2 with BlueStacks on PC

Order & Chaos 2 is a mobile MMORPG with all the things we know and love about MMOs. As a player, you will explore an expansive living world with your customized hero to battle and loot for gear on your journey. Fight difficult bosses and raid dungeons with other player or go solo, the choice is yours in Order of Chaos 2,

You, the “knights of the flame” are destined to shatter the primal heart and shatter the threats of this world. Technically, this is the very first quest, but you get the idea. Protect this fantasy world while leveling up and earning new skills. 

The communities reviews touch on a few things worth mentioning. It’s an enjoyable game that brings the nostalgia of early WoW days and it is one of the better mobile MMOs out today, but there are some negatives. The camera sensitivity is one of the features the community wants to be adjusted. In addition, since it is free-to-play, the game offers loot boxes and other forms of monetization and some players feel like these “pay-to-win” features are spammy and pop up way too often, impeding gameplay. I didn’t mind the pop-ups, that’s just me though.

Major Game Features

  • World exploration
  • Open-world
  • Quests 
  • Upgrade, evolve weapons 
  • Craft
  • PvP, PvE
  • Trading 
  • Events
  • Dungeons 
  • Boss battles 
  • Auto path
  • 5 races 
  • 5 classes 

First Impressions

This game feels more hands-on, which is great. The starting quest had some auto-run, but after that, a blue line appeared and showed me where to run, that’s it. Combat and special attacks had to be manually controlled (no auto-attacks) to successfully complete the quests. I really enjoyed this game and I feel like it had a ton of potential.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 3.5 stars / 223K reviews / 5M+ downloads

Lineage 2 Mobile MMO
Lineage 2 on Apple App Store Lineage 2 on Google Play Store Play Lineage 2 with BlueStacks on PC

Lineage 2: Revolution is one of the few visually pleasing mobile MMOs built on Unreal Engine 4. Besides the stunning graphics, the game also boasts 200 concurrent users on-screen at any given time. Party up with friends and head into an epic dungeon.

The beginning of this game is what you’d expect from any traditional MMO, grinding the low-level quests to get the end game. However, this grinding can be done on autopilot which is why all the bad reviews are about having nothing to do in the game. If you are someone who likes auto-play features, definitely check this game out. 

Major Game Features

  • Open-world 
  • Auto-run
  • Auto combat
  • Dungeons 
  • Dual-class system (2 classes per character)
  • Large scale combat
  • High-quality graphics
  • Clans, guilds 
  • Mounts
  • Events
  • Dungeons, raids 
  • PvP, PvE
  • Combo attacks

First Impressions

Visually, the graphics and combat animations look fantastic. I was able to coast through the game on autopilot and given awesome looking armor and brilliant weapons pretty quickly. Leveling from level one to five after barely moving from the starting point, was a bit weird and the tutorial was too long. Lineage 2 was a cool looking game and I did have a decent amount of fun.

Grow Stone Online

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4.3 stars / 92K reviews / 1M + downloads

Grow Stone Online 2D MMORPG Mobile Game
Grow Stone Online on Apple App Store Grow Stone Online on Google Play Store Play Grow Stone Online with BlueStacks on PC

In this pixel, 2D MMORPG, your mission is to find the legendary stone. It has all the classic mobile MMO functions in a 2D world. Explore dungeons and quest, PvP battle, hunt monsters, earn pets and play with friends.

The reviews for Grow Stone Online seem to be all over the place. The 5-star reviews claim the game is a lot of fun and runs smoothly, but on the other hand, the 1-star reviews claim the game is super buggy and the game is constantly crashing. These reviews lead me to believe that the issue some people are facing may be due to their device.  

Major Game Features

  • Auto-play functions
  • Offline rewards
  • Dungeons 
  • Pvp
  • Clan battles 
  • Raid bosses 
  • Challenge dungeon modes 
  • Fishing
  • Armor, accessory customizations 
  • Weather 
  • Events 
  • Pets

First Impressions

So far, Grow Stone Online is pretty fun and extremely casual. This game is simple and a great option for mindless play. I will agree with some of the reviews, the game is a tad buggy. The equipped pet started spazzing out and his little head and arms were wiggling chaotically. The art style and casualness of the game make it an inviting mobile MMO. All the cut scenes and dialogue are a tad silly.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Free-to-play / Android & IOS /3.8 stars / 257K reviews / 5M+ downloads

Ark Survival Mobile on Apple App Store Ark Survival Mobile on Google Play Store Play Ark Survival Mobile with BlueStacks on PC

The original ARK PC game was one of my favorite survival MMOs of all time. Something about taming dinos and building a base is simple yet satisfying. It was overall a lot of fun and I spent hundreds of hours playing the original. That being said, I was a bit skeptical about how this would translate in a mobile play.

First, ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile has two options, a single-player and a multiplayer. Single-player has difficulty options, while multiplayer will drop you into a server with the rest of the population. This game is all about utilizing your surroundings and creating a safe place to live a sustainable life in an immersive prehistoric world. Tame dinosaurs, craft and learn new recipes to evolve your survivor. The prehistoric, caveman mentality; gather kill and build a shelter for your ultimate survival. 

 Major Game Features

  • Open world 
  • Crafting and building 
  • Collecting/taming dinosaurs (80+ in-game) 
  • Survival (loot can be stolen) 
  • Tribes (similar to clans or guilds) 
  • Primal Pass Subscription feature

First Impressions

It feels like the graphics are identical to the PC version, that being said, it’s a bit dated. I was hoping for some improvements, but it is pretty much the PC game for your pocket. No lag or latency, so that was a huge plus. I was able to play in both first and third-person and I had the same crafting and building capabilities. I will mention that you have to pay for a monthly Primal Pass subscription pass to remove ads and get perks. 

Warspear Online

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4.1 stars / 153K reviews / 5M+ downloads

Warspear Online MMO mobile
Warspear Online on Apple App Store Warspear Online on Google Play Store Play Warspear Online with BlueStacks on PC

Warspear Online has been around the block a few times and was awarded “Best MMORPG Game” back in 2015 by Best App Ever. The graphics are 2D flat pixel style, simple yet offer a lot of customization features for both skills and your character. There are dual factions, four races and each one provides a special bonus ability.  

This game is click to move, opposed to WASD movement and there is no autopilot feature. Most recent reviews have been negative, claiming the game is money hungry and is pay to win. However, the overall rating is a 4.1 star, so we will let you be the judge. 

Major Game Features

  • Alliances
  • Skill customizations 
  • 100+ skill build choices 
  • Character customizations 
  • Crafting professions 
  • Achievements  
  • PvP battles and duels 
  • Bosses 
  • Exploration
  • Dungeons 
  • Quests 
  • Events 

First Impressions

I liked the simple start screens and straight forward selection choices. I do like that I had to actually play the game to earn progress, I didn’t see any auto-play options in the settings. The graphics are fun, but a bit busy for a pixel game. I played on an iPad and my screen was large so I didn’t have trouble seeing, but I can’t imagine it on a smaller screen. Overall, it wasn’t it a bad game and I had fun.

World of Prandis

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4.5 stars / 98K reviews / 500K+ downloads

World of Prandis MMORPG for Mobile
World of Prandis on Apple App Store World of Prandis on Google Play Store Play World of Prandis with BlueStacks on PC

Released early 2017, World of Prandis offers six classes, open-world exploration, questing, flying mounts, dungeon instances and more. It’s a three-dimensional, non-auto play game. The game has Nintendo style graphics and pretty awesome combat.

The reviews for this game are overwhelmingly positive and the general consensus is that it’s fun to play but it can become repetitive over time. World of Prandis does get regular updates so hopefully, that keeps the game fresh. It’s nice to finally have a mobile MMO that actually requires me to play for once.

Major Game Features

  • Anime style graphics 
  • PvP, PvE, Battlegrounds 
  • Open world 
  • Questing 
  • Dungeon and raid instances 
  • Skill leveling 
  • Mounts and pets (flying mounts) 
  • Crafting 
  • NO auto-play 

First Impressions

The game was pretty fun and I liked that there were no paywalls. The lore was pretty dang cool and kinda reminded me WoW, though a bit more harmonious at times. I will agree that the quests did seem repetitive, but this is a problem with most MMOs. Another plus for me was there was no lag, which is a big problem for most mobile MMOs. It would be great if there were more customizations when creating your character. I’d say World of Prandis was a pretty solid game and one I can see myself playing in the future.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Free to play / Android & IOS / 4.3 stars / 93K reviews / 1M+ downloads

AxE Alliance vs Empire Mobile MMO
AxE Alliance vs Empire on Apple App Store AxE Alliance vs Empire on Google Play Store Play AxE Alliance vs Empire with BlueStacks on PC

AxE is set in a divided fantasy world, with an alliance feud Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance. I would compare this theme to World of Warcraft, a never-ending, dual faction battle. The quests set your path, the missions and decisions you make will determine which missions you will receive in the future, which makes for a unique experience considering this is an MMO.

This mobile MMO has overwhelmingly positive reviews, players enjoy the auto quest mode, the graphics, and the story. The negatives all seem to be about game bugs and pay to win related issues with AxE. A lot of players are having trouble playing the game due to it freezing and crashing, while others are irritated by the length in which it takes to download content patches.

Major Game Features

  • Lore & Story
  • Questing & missions
  • Open world exploration, biomes
  • 6 character classes (3 per alliance) 
  • Two factions
  • Guilds, PVP battles
  • Dungeons & Raids
  • Large boss battles 
  • Gear customizing & upgrading
  • Combat pets 
  • Auto-quest

First Impressions

So far, the graphics and animations look fantastic. I love the sword-slashing animations, they have that mechanic down and it feels satisfying. I chose to play as Galanos Alliance, Blademaster and the gender was tied to my class selection. The character face shape, skin color, eye color, and hair can be customized which is always a plus. Two pop-ups immediately after entering the game for the first time, not a fan. It’s less clicking then some of the other mobile MMOs, you’re basically accepting the quest and rewards. Not a terrible game for an auto quester, I’m just not a huge fan of the game being played for me. 

Celtic Heroes

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4 stars / 71K reviews / 1M+ downloads

Celtic Heros Mobile Game
Celtic Heros on Apple App Store Celtic Heros on Google Play Store Play Celtic Heros with BlueStacks on PC

Celtic Heroes – 3D MMORPG, is a classic in the mobile MMO genre. Adventure across the vast land of Dal Riata to develop your skills, team up with friends, earn and trade loot in a player economy all set in a Celtic Mythological realm. This simple, back to basics MMO makes it a good mobile option to consider. 

The reviews for this game are all pretty similar and mostly positive. Good gameplay, fun non-auto MMORPG that lets you actually play and figure out the game without the hand holding. Majority reviewers use the term “classic” as it brings back the MMO nostalgia. Negative reviews for this game all seem to be support related if a player has a bug or issue, support either takes forever or does not get back to you at all.

Major Game Features

  • Exploration, open-world 
  • PvP & dueling
  • Trading 
  • Quests (inspired by Celtic mythology) 
  • Clan wars (leader boards)
  • Character customizations 

First Impressions

So far this is one of my favorites mobile MMOs because the UI is not all up in your face. A lot of the other mobile games have notification text constantly popping up, whether it’s, go here and click this, or look at what username211 has accomplished (no one actually cares btw), all that extra junk is unnecessary on a small screen. Celtic Heros is manually controlled and the game has cues in the form of arrows over the NPC when you get in range and the map has a directional cue which is also nice. I found myself wandering around an open-world exploring, fighting, looting and follow the quests with no complaints. It’s a basic game and highly enjoyable, the graphics are simple but I think it works for the medieval theme.

Rangers of Oblivion

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 3.9 stars / 44K reviews / 1M+ downloads

Rangers of Oblivion MMO game for mobile phone
Rangers of Oblivion on Apple App Store Rangers of Oblivion on Google Play Store Play Rangers of Oblivion with BlueStacks on PC

Party up with friends and take down legendary beasts in Rangers of Oblivion. This monster hunter mobile MMORPG game offers an expansive open-world to roam and explore, real-time combat and full character creation customizations. Rangers of Oblivion has a heavy focus on large legendary monsters and leveling up your armor. When monster-killing gets boring, you can always queue up for one of the ten different mini-games. 

It’s a very fun game with solid graphics and I found it to be highly addicting. The story drew me into the game. People that play it love it, but it definitely lacks the social aspect, as the servers feel empty. Some of the negatives reviews revolve around game crashes and the whole two-minute dungeons, which you may be used to if you played games like MapleStory. As always, reviews tend to be polar opposite at times with an overarching similar consensus, and in the case of this game, reviews seem to be pleased with the gameplay.

Major Game Features 

  • Large boss battles
  • PvE
  • Challenges
  • 6 weapon types 
  • Game modes (10+)
  • Catch horses
  • Treasure hunting 
  • Fish
  • Cook

First Impressions

So far, playing Rangers of Oblivion has been an enjoyable experience. It feels a lot like Dauntless, so I’m not sure if technically it is an MMO in the traditional sense. Collect quests/challenges in the cities and enter zones to defeat the bosses. Running can be automated by clicking quest, but the actions and killing the bosses have to actually be played. The UI is simplistic with minimal notifications, which is a huge plus. 

Era of Legends: World of Dragon Magic

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4.4 stars / 49K reviews / 500K+ downloads

Era of Legends Android game
Era of Legends on Apple App Store Era of Legends on Google Play Store Play Era of Legends with BlueStacks on PC

Set foot on Eminoor long after the War of the Evil God, a battle that took place between the mercenaries and the crusaders. A desolated war swept the land with opposing factions where you the player start your journey. Era of Legends encourages you to uncover the game lore through events, quests, and exploration. 

With a 4.4 star in the Google Play Store, it’s no surprise that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. For those who dislike auto-play, this game probably isn’t for you. However, a lot of people have great things to say about this mobile MMO and many players compare it to World of Warcraft.  

Major Game Features

  • Toggle auto play features
  • PvP, arenas, 3v3, 5,5 
  • Open-world exploration
  • Story & lore history
  • Questing
  • Treasure hunt
  • Solve mysteries
  • 8 classes with specializations
  • Pets 
  • Mounts
  • Magic creature collections
  • Dungeons & Raids
  • Clans 
  • Events 

First Impressions

So far Era of Legends has been a pretty fun game to play. It has stunning graphics and the load times were much shorter than other games I have tried in the past. The game controls feel smooth and responsive to the touch. This is another “auto-battler” and there is an auto-pathing mechanic so the game does everything for you, but you can choose to turn those options off.

Durango: Wild Lands

Free-to-play / Android & IOS / 4.3 stars / 278K reviews / 5M+ downloads

Durango Wild Lands Mobile Game
Durango Wild Lands on Apple App Store Durango Wild Lands on Google Play Store Play Durango Wild Lands with BlueStacks on PC

Durango Wild Lands was nominated E3’s “Best Mobile/Handheld Game” at the Game Critics’ Awards. This survival, open-world, top-down, prehistoric mobile MMO brings you dinosaurs and adventure, just the way we like it. Capture and tame creatures, craft gear, gather materials, level up your skills, explore the world and build yourself a man cave. 

We have been warped into Durango, a prehistoric world overrun with dinosaurs. Reviewers seem to be happy with the gameplay, lots to explore, tame, kill and level. Graphics are described as sensational but on the downside, the community overall consensus is that customer support is lacking.

Major Game Features

  • Prehistoric open-world exploration 
  • Missions
  • Survival 
  • Farming & gathering
  • Building 
  • Crafting & cooking
  • Tame dinosaurs 
  • Clans 
  • PvP, PvE

First impressions

This game was actually a ton of fun, but a less of a mobile MMO. The top-down graphics style is a nice change and it was easy to maneuver around the world. I experience no lag while gathering and crafting in an open dangerous world. Durango Wild Lands is going to be in my top 5 mobile games for sure. Players all have personal islands to build on, the questing areas have quite a few real people so I was pleasantly surprised. All players seem to be friendly as well, lots of happy faces emote going around. (What happened to the little girl on the train? Will we ever see her again?!! ☹)

Final Thoughts

We looked at a ton of games on the Google Play Store and these were the best mobile games for MMO fans.

Mobile MMOs generally have auto-play features, while some enjoy individuals enjoy this, others find it off-putting. Firstly, mobile devices are smaller and much harder to navigate in general and then you have to rotate your camera, run around and attack with different skills all at the same time. That’s a whole lot to do with just two thumbs, so auto-running takes away the frustration from quest to quest.

But I can also see the downside when the game is basically playing itself, I find myself becoming impatient and uninterested in the story. Since I’m not forced to become immersed in the lore, I lose focus and become bored with the game. All I’m saying is I like the good old fashioned control the game and not the other way around. No one wants to become a slave to a game and mindlessly accepting quests and rewards all day.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article and list of mobile MMO game suggestions. I wanted to find a balance between traditional MMO styles, some 2D options, as well as some non-traditional MMO games.

Let us know if we missed a mobile MMO that deserved to be on this list in the comments.

Also, I posted a list of the top new MMOs for PC gamers to play in 2019, so feel free to check that list out as well.


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