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Season 2 Archepass, Quest Changes & New Rewards

Alright stop, calibrate and listen, ARCHEPASS is back with some brand-new additions. Quests have been altered to be more manageable. Less grindy and more enjoyment should be coming from the new Season 2 Archepass. 

EU server downtime for the patch will start at 9:00 UTC. NA servers, 8:00 PST. The details don’t strictly say AM or PM, but we can assume AM. This should be done by the time you read this.

New Rewards

In addition to the original rewards (vocation potions/honor point potions/expansion scrolls etc…) all passes have new Final Rewards along with some new Basic Rewards sprinkled throughout each pass. 

Reward Triple Engine Airship Crate

New Basic Rewards Available Across all Passes: 

  1. Shatigon’s Gift – a box of goodies, when unlocked contain 2x bound labor rechargers, 1x decrystallization scroll, and 1x Hiram Awakening Scroll Ticket. This new reward can be unlocked with the Vocation Pass, the Equipment Pass, and the Combat Pass. 
  2. Fortune Box – this appears to be a box of surprises. The description reads “Spend 200 labor to see what’s inside”
  3. Gone Fishing Pack – which contains limited-time items that aid in fishing; 1x 15-day scroll: Predator Longliner, 1x 15-day Cloaked Novice’s Fishing Rod, and 10x Bound Sport Fishing Lure
  4. Specialization Snowflake – this item increases the maximum number of Vocations you can specialize in (can also be purchased from a General Merchant for 200 gold) 
  5. Building Management Title – a certificate that is used to upgrade housing structures
  6. Legendary Vocation Basket (only earned through the Vocation Pass) – when opened contains guaranteed Vocation Potion Rank 2, with the possibility to bonus drop vocation potions rank 3 through 5
  7. Bound Synthesis Costume Ticket – allows you to select one basic costume from the box (melee basic, ranged basic, magic basic and healing basic)
  8. Bound Synthium Shard Box – contains 120 bound clear Synthium Shards and 120 Vivid Synthium Shards 
  9. Auroran Synthesis Box – contains 25 Heroic Auroran Synthesis Stones (used to upgrade synthesis cloak)
  10. Bound Serendipity Stone – stone rolls to replace a synthesis effect on a piece of synthesis equipment
  11. Consumable Supplies Pack – contains 5x Adventurer’s Assorted Savory Sirloin, 5x Adventurer’s Goblet of Honor
  12. 30 – 50 Gilda Stars
  13. Luna Charms Rank 1 – used to upgrade a socketed T1 lunagem
  14. Resplendent Temper Ticket – choose one of the following; 1x Bound Resplendent Solar Temper or 1x Bound Resplendent Lunar Temper 
  15. Hero Lunastone Ticket – used to unlock one lunastone of your choice (Orchidna’s Dream, Tahyang’s, Lucius’s, Kyprosa’s, Inoch’s, or Melisara’s)

Premium Vocation Pass Rewards

  1. Captain’s Leathers  
  2. Bound Hereafter Stones
  3. Bound Crest Brainstorm Potions
  4. 1 Veroe Weapon Crate
  5. Fae Yata Chroma 
  6. Dogeza Dance Emote
  7. Chestnut Horse Head Mask
  8. Frozen Footprints Title 

Premium Equipment Pass Rewards

  1. Elite Shadow Daru Uniform
  2. Bound Hereafter Stones 
  3. Bound Crest Brainstorm Potions 
  4. 1 Veroe Weapon Crate
  5. Fae Greenman Chroma
  6. Charming Dance Emote
  7. White Horse Head Mask
  8. Ice Colossus Title 

Premium Combat Pass Rewards

  1. Legendary Assassin Costume 
  2. Bound Hereafter Stones
  3. Bound Crest Brainstorm Potions
  4. 1 Veroe Weapon Crate
  5. Blooming Spring Cow Chroma 
  6. Elegant Dance Emote
  7. Seahorse Mask
  8. Blizzard Revenant Title 

Basic Pass rewards the same basic rewards and premium tier rewards as last season. Potions for Vocation/Honor points, and Gilda Stars. Basic ArchePass Upgrade can be purchased for 10 gold in the Marketplace. The Vocation, Combat, and Equipment passes can be upgraded to premium by purchasing the ArchePass Upgrade Ticket available for 1500 credits in the Marketplace. 

Archeage Unchained is having a sale for the Archeage Unchained Packs. January 23rd through February 23rd select packs will be 30% off.  

Changes to the pass quests are as follows:

  • “Socket a Lunagem” has been erased, no longer a quest roll
  • Quests such as “Earn 2000/4000 Vocation/Honor” has been reduced down to earn 500/1000
  • Kill 20 World Bosses quest has been dropped down to Kill 10 World Bosses, as this is a much more manageable task for a week of casual gameplay
  • Killing members of the other faction quests have been reduced to 10% of the previous quests. Instead of “kill 100 members of the hostile faction”, the requirement will be “kill 10”. This will alleviate the struggles for classes that have chosen support roles such as tanks and healers (and for those of us who are trash at PVP)
  • Use 2000/4000 labor quests have been reduced down to 500/1000
  • Added opening x amount of coin purse quests 
  • Earn EXP quests have been dropped down between 10,000-50,000 (There is no information as to whether or not they earn 1 million EXP is still in a quest)

For a full list of details, you can find the patch notes for the Archepass here.

Per the Archeage Unchained Discord, some additional bug fixes will be included in this patch: 

  1. Improvements made to help alleviate latency caused by large-scale events 
  2. Harpoon Skills should no longer knock players off the Cargo Ship
  3. Quest text next button (AKA F key) is no longer bugged, rendering it inactive
  4. The Korean Symbol that was appearing on the character select screen next to the exiled characters has been removed 
  5. Fixed the missing reputation icon that was previously missing
  6. Fixed the Exile Support Bundle, no longer requires Timewinder Tokens that are not in the game currently


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