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7 Tips for Surviving as a Solo Nomad in Last Oasis

Update: The Mollusk Walker has been added to Last Oasis. This is great news for solo players who are looking for a Walker to help them survive as a lone Nomad.

Your alone, stranded in a foreign land. Thirst scratching at your insides, the sun blistering your skin, all while fighting off Rupu and scavenging for resources trying to survive. You may be alone, but your enemies are not. Massive clans are lurking, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. These large clans aim to take all that you’ve worked so hard for… right down to the shirt on your back. They want all your stuff, and they want it now.

The current state of Last Oasis can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of people allowed to join a clan. Solo players (and duos) need to play methodically and we can’t just roam around on the big dog Walkers. We have to scout, become ninjas, sneak between the terrain, and hide our goods. I’m here to give you the scoop on our favorite solo strategies on how to survive as a solo player in Last Oasis.

Master the Art of the Ninja Nomad

  • Use terrain for cover
  • Use the Spider Walker for low visibility
  • Hide your base and or Walker
  • Hide Walker in inconspicuous location while gathering
  • Retract Walker wings to decrease visibility while gathering resources

The first strategy we are going to recommend is to become a ninja. Stealth around as much as possible. Creep around large rocks and use terrain, foliage, and spawned loot structures as cover. Avoid desert terrain, and keep to the dense forestry areas (the massive trees in the hard zones) giving you the ability to hide from other players. We enjoy the Spider Walker for this ninja lifestyle. The Spider Walker is nice because it is small and it creeps around hugging the earth. It is wingless, making it harder to spot between the trees. The downside to using a wingless Walker is that you will need a large stamina pool to outrun enemy ships.

The downside to using the Spider Walker is that it doesn’t hold much loot or have the ability to pack up a decent base, so you will need to make either a larger Walker to store loot or a static base within the server (that can later be packed up into a larger Walker). It is probably best to have both, but keep the large Walker safe outside the oasis until you are ready to bring it in to store loot and then immediately log it back out. Keeping a large portion of your most valuable loot safe outside enemy reach.

Scout for the Perfect Oasis

  • Seek out spacious oases
  • Avoid crowded oases
  • Avoid highly hostile oases

Last Oasis provides statistics on the number of players, as well as the hostility level for each oasis in your server. Solo players should never go into an oasis that is considered crowded or full. Look for spacious oases and check the player count periodically to make sure that status doesn’t change. If your server does become crowded while inside, leave and find another spacious one.

last oasis gameplay

A recent blog post by the Last Oasis team, they touched on the problem with massive clans attacking players that don’t have the numbers to successfully protect their belongings. They have been discussing ways to combat this, and the conclusion they have come to is to lock off oases depending on the size of your clan. For example, a clan with 20 or more players will not be able to enter an oasis with a cap of 10 players per clan. I personally really like this idea, it is perfect for solos and small groups. Solving the problem of being outnumbered by balancing the playing field. This will be an iterative process but I enjoy this idea and can’t wait to see how it is implemented.  

Complete all the Quests

  • Provides experience
  • Teaches the intricacies of the game
  • Free Fragments for completing quests

Solo players should do all the quests starting at level one. Questing rewards players massive amounts of experience. Secondly, completing quests rewards Fragments, the more Fragments the better off you will be early on. Overall the quests were designed to aid in learning the game mechanics as well as giving players a good start. It is a great tool for all players, but especially the solo nomads.

Invest Time in Building a Walker

Mollusc Walker Last Oasis
  • Have a looting Walker and a storage Walker
  • Transfer Walkers out of the oasis for safe storage
  • Invest in leveling your Walkers for better protection while looting
  • Upgrade Walker parts such as wings and legs for better protection
  • Consider building the Mollusc, Dinghy, or Stiletto Walker

Walkers are arguably the focal point of Last Oasis. The idea is that these oases are fleeting, and when the oasis eventually burns from the sun, it will close destroying all bases, Walkers, and loot remaining in that particular zone. Players need to build Walkers so that they can move on to the next oasis while keeping all their loot progression. Light wood bases can be packed up and stored inside the inventory of larger Walkers.

Walkers can act as more than just a means of travel. These mobile bases can be used as secure inventory storage since you are able to transfer them out of the oases and into the lobby. We recommend having one Walker just for storage, and another for looting and a light wood base packed into both. Light wood bases can hold crafting stations as well as storage containers. The limitations you will face will be weight capacity.

The designated solo player Walker is going to be the Mollusc Walker (it’s not out quite yet, but will be soon). The deck space is tucked into the Walker hull specifically designed to protect not only your structures on deck but your body while steering your vessel. The pros of this are that your storage boxes, campfire, and other various crafting tables will be safely tucked away. The downside, visibility will not be 360 degrees. The steering mechanics are protected behind a wooden grid structure, we don’t quite know the severity of this impact on vision, but we will know more once it’s released.

Pack Light Wooden Bases into Your Walker

Light wood base last oasis
  • Utilize weightless modules for more efficient storage capacity
  • Don’t keep storage containers on your deck
  • Upgrade cargo storage for max capacity
  • Pack up all other loot that doesn’t fit into your cargo
  • Keep crafting stations in your packed base
  • Don’t have an open floorplan for your base use layers of wall protection to make breaking into your base harder if it’s attacked while it’s unpacked

A Dinghy Walker is well liked amongst the solo and duo community because you only need low level resources and Fragments to fully upgrade it to max tier. The downside to the Dinghy would have to be its weight capacity. To compare; a Dinghy Walker holds 1280/70 (carry weight/pack count) where a Stiletto Walker can hold 8,000/130. Making the Dinghy is easier to earn but it will hold less loot unless you stack weightless modules. If you want the Stiletto, the downside will be the effort in which it takes to get it to max level as it needs Tablets to upgrade to higher tiered perks. No matter which Walker you choose, the overarching goal will be to stack up your goodies and log it out of the zone, only bringing it in to pack up more loot.

Since the Mollusc Walker is not currently out we cannot provide sufficient details weight capacity, when it releases we will update this section.

So, to recap, you have one Walker logged out safely where all your good stuff is stored (AKA your bank Walker). Now to get around in the zone you should have a second Walker for current activities and looting (AKA your looting Walker). For the sake of this scenario, I’m going to assume you have chosen not to use the Spider Walker and chose to craft something larger… let’s say a Dinghy or Stiletto. Your looting Walker should be somewhat bare on the deck.

We also recommend a Ballista for harpooning reinforced loot containers, as well as a campfire … and that’s it. Upgrade your cargo inventory so that you can hold max amount of goods, and anything else you need should be pack it up in a light wooden base. It costs a lot of resources for pirates to break into your hull so they are most often going to scavenge your deck, probably dart your wings to shreds, but inevitably move on if there is no easy loot for them to take.

For the light wooden base itself, don’t just use one layer of wall and a door with an open floor plan. Make a maze of walls and doors to confuse your enemies, and spread out your boxes. This is a tip I learned while playing Rust. Our bases were intricate and deceiving protecting out loot behind multiple walls and ceilings for padding. Some rooms would be stacked with empty boxes, and we had hallways that led raiders into traps making them either give up, run out of c4 or die trying. This is not really freezable with these bases because you are limited on the weight as well as structure pieces, but you get the idea, make it a bit more complicated than breaking down one wall, or door to gain access to all your boxes.

Upgrade All Forms of Mobility

  • Upgrade mobility stats
  • Invest in Torque and the Torque Battery

Can’t kill what you can’t catch. The more stamina and mobility speed the better chances of outrunning your opponents both on foot and with your Walker. Always prioritize mobility for both your body and Walker, and unlock Torque and Torque Battery. Torque is generated by your Walker roaming, and the Torque Battery lets you store it on your person, and use it to boost speed when being chased.

Gear Up and Learn How to Block

  • Craft decent armor
  • Craft a high damage weapon
  • Master blocking attacks

Our last tips for the solo Last Oasis player would be to invest Fragments in decent armor and weapons and learn how to use them. The better your armor, the more likely you will survive an attack. Going up against a decked-out player with zero armor is an almost guaranteed loss.

Same goes for a decent weapon. A beat stick against a bone sword is night and day. Two good slices from the bone sword and your dead and you lost your goodies you spent the past hour grinding. Better to put those resources to use to give yourself a fighting chance.

Lastly, practice combat by attacking and blocking Rupu. The better you are at blocking the more successful you will be with this unique combat style. Since most of the combat is melee-focused, you will need to not only learn how to block but when to swing. Animation timing is big for this particular combat so when you take the time to learn the animations you gain the upper hand.


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