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The Best Walker Choice for Your Playstyle in Last Oasis

In Last Oasis, there are Walkers for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for speed, massive storage capacity or a better way to pillage for goods, we’ll discuss Walker perks and which will suit your playstyle best.

Walkers for Solo Nomads (or Duos)

  1. Mollusc Walker
  2. Spider Walker
  3. Firefly Walker
  4. Dinghy Walker
  5. Stiletto Walker

In Last Oasis the best Walker for solo players is the Mollusc Walker. It is the newest addition to Last Oasis (full disclosure it may not be out quite yet, but it’s coming soon) and provides nomads some protection for not only their bodies while steering, but also for their storage boxes and crafting structures. The Mollusc Walker has a second, internal deck shielded by the Walker hull. This gives your body and deck space the same level of protection as your cargo storage. For this protection, the trade is limited vision. You will not be able to see 360 degrees around your vessel like all other Walkers.

The second choice for solo players is the Spider Walker. The Spider Walker is a small, fast, wingless Walker that relies on player stamina for speed. This Walker has high mobility and is able to creep around, easily weaving in and out of terrain to outrun potential threats. This Walker is very useful for those that have a static base, instead of taking out your larger Walkers every time, take out the Spider to quickly gather and travel around within a zone. The perk for having no wings is that you are harder to spot, but as we said previously, without wings you can’t rely on wind for speed, you will need stamina.

Next up in the queue for solo players is the Firefly Walker. It’s the very first Walker you will be instructed to build during the tutorial. The Firefly uses both pedals and wings for mobility so you’ll get some wind power, but you’ll be burning a decent amount of stamina. It is a small, low to the earth ship with a wide turn radius and because of it’s height you may find yourself having trouble climbing over rocks and terrain. If you choose to keep the Firefly, make sure to upgrade it for maximum efficiency. The downside to the Firefly is that it doesn’t offer much carrying capacity and it will cap out at 480. Most people move on from this Walker, but if it floats your boat there’s no reason to trade up.

The next Walker on the list is the Dinghy Walker, which can be learned and upgraded with Fragments. This makes it a great choice for solo and duo players because you will be able to quickly upgrade the ship to maximum tiers faster. Fragments are needed and lower-level resources are used to unlock its full skill tree. This vessel without upgrades is slower than the Stiletto and Falco, but if you store and use Torque you will have a better chance of outrunning both the Stiletto and Falco. I believe the speed comes from size since this ship is slightly smaller when the wind picks up it should, in theory, run faster than a thick boy. The downside to this vessel is its weight capacity, the Dinghy caps out at 1,280. (As a comparison, the Stiletto can carry 8,000.) The best way to maximize the Dinghy Walkers’ efficiency would be to stack weightless modules to offset the weight deficit.  

Our final recommendation is the Stiletto Walker. It is similar to the Dinghy but overall it has; more storage, larger health bar, more deck space and (IMO) faster in certain situations. The base Stiletto requires Fragments to unlock, but the upgrades will cost you Tablets. Wings are upgradable to help protect against pirates spamming darts. The hull has more health, and the weight capacity is 8000, this is perfect for packing up a decent sized light wood base without needing weightless modules. The Stiletto is slightly larger and taller than the Dinghy giving it a tighter turn radius and better ability to climb over terrain. The biggest downside is that you will need Tablets and higher-level resources to upgrade this ship to maximum efficiency.

Walkers for Small Groups

  1. Dinghy Walker
  2. Stiletto Walker
  3. Buffalo Walker
  4. Toboggan Walker
  5. Hornet Walker

By popular demand, the top Walker choices for small groups would have to be the Dinghy Walker and the Stiletto Walker. These ships are both very similar, as we said previously the Dinghy only requires Fragments to max out the upgrades, while the Stiletto is going to cost you more resources as well as Tablets. Both have enough deck space for multiple people and weapons. The Stiletto needs Steering Levers, so you will have some freedom as to where you want to stand and Steer your ship, we personally like them in the front, less likely to get a dart in the cheeks. If you want a taller ship with slightly more deck space and overall stats, go with the Stiletto. If you want the max tiered vessel with all the bells and whistles ASAP stick with the Dinghy.  

The Buffalo Walker is similar to the Stiletto but larger and fit for all occasions. The deck is spacious leaving room for weapons and other structures. It has more health but less weight capacity than the Stiletto. The tradeoff is more health for less weight, meaning, your cargo is safer in the Buffalo but you will not be able to pack up as large of a base. Also, another big tradeoff is that it needs Tablets to unlock, making it a bigger time investment.

The third choice for small groups is the Toboggan Walker. The problem is that it’s fast, but it doesn’t have room for weapons. You can potentially outrun pirates, but if you get caught you need people to get the upper edge on your opponents. This is why we recommend at least some people to defend this Walker. It is recommended that a second Walker accompanies the Toboggan for protection, but you have to work with what you have and sometimes it’s safer to all travel together if you don’t have the numbers to defend both vessels.

The Hornet Walker is considered to be the monster hunter walker because of its lower center of gravity and top speeds. It helps both small and large groups keep from getting flipped over by large monsters. Fast enough to outrun it if your group gets overwhelmed with space to equip weapons. The Hornet Walkers’ speed and low center of gravity is also beneficial for outrunning pirates.

Walkers for Large Groups

  1. Schmetterling Walker
  2. Titan Walker
  3. Proxy Walker
  4. Spider Walker with Ballista

All of these Walkers are large scale minus the Spider Walker. The first two, the Schmetterling and Titan Walker are similar; large, lots of deck space, lots of hull health and upgradable wings and legs. Technically if we want to get into the nitty-gritty, the Titan is the last walker available in the Tech tree making it the best Walker (technically speaking). It is the strongest grade, but if you don’t have a large group to defend it, you are a sitting duck. Same with the Schmetterling, these two are built for large groups as it takes a massive amount of resources to craft, and bodies to effectively defend the vessel.

The Proxy Walker, in most cases this walker is for larger clans because it’s how an oasis is claimed. It is immobile and must be defended in order to maintain the claim on the oasis. Smaller groups can take on this challenge however, it will be much more difficult to defend.

I have included the Spider Walker with Ballista for large clans because you need scouts. Large clans mob around on one vessel, but its more beneficial if you have multiple units for extra defense. All Walkers can serve this purpose, but we chose the Spider Walker with the Ballista because I consider it to be a scouting vessel. Small, wingless, easy to hid in the trees. Making it an excellent scouting vehicle for spying on enemy clans. Add the Ballista so that your scout can have defense in case they get caught.

Walkers for the Pirate Life

  1. Falco Walker
  2. Stiletto Walker
  3. Hornet Walker

Deemed the Walker of choice for pirates by the tooltip, the Falco Walker is tall and fast making boarding enemy ships easier. In addition to a fast ship, pirates should also invest in the Fast Grappling Hook so that when you attempt to board a ship you have a better chance of boarding.

Yes, the Stiletto Walker is on another list of best choices. It is a good balance between size, speed, and weight capacity. It’s fit for nearly every occasion, and for those who want an all-around vessel for every occasion, including pirating, the Stiletto gets the job done.

The next selection for pirating (IMO) would be the Hornet Walker, which most might not agree with. I think it is a good choice for pirating because of the speed and its low center of gravity. Taller, larger vessels have a high probability of flipping over, all you have to do is chase your target and wait for a slip-up. When they topple over you are there to take advantage of their unfortunate mistake.  

Walkers for Gatherers and Cargo Runs

  1. Toboggan Walker
  2. Tusker Walker

There are only two walkers deemed by the game itself fit for Cargo runs; the Toboggan and Tusker Walker. Both have similar attributes but the Toboggan is learned with Fragments, and the Tusker needs Tablets. Essentially making the Tusker bigger and more advanced, but bigger and better isn’t always a good thing. The Tusker, being bigger, also makes it slow. The Toboggan is, and I quote from the game tooltip “fast enough to outrun pirates”.

Both of these Walkers have more cargo storage capacity and trades this storage space for lack of deck space. Proper defense for these vessels will be a challenge unless players choose to run a defensive Walker alongside it. The Toboggan has the advantage of speed, so if you want a fast Walker with more cargo capacity choose the Toboggan over the Tusker. If you have a large group equipped for defense, choose the Tusker.

Complete List of Walkers

All Walkers in this list have four tiers of upgrades. Upgrading a Walker improves things like; cargo storage, water storage, mobility, gear slots, and Torque capacity. In order to upgrade your Walker, you will have to unlock the Upgrade Walker Tech in the Tech Skill Tree for each Walker you choose to build and upgrade. The level two Walkers will require Tablets to unlock, while the level one Walkers will take Fragments to unlock. In some cases, mainly Walkers in the middle of the pack (for example the Stiletto) will require Fragments to unlock the base vessel but will need Tablets for the upgrades.

Firefly Walker


The starting Walker. Small with space to add a couple crafting tables, minimal internal storage. Risky to keep this one for too long as it can be easily overrun by other players.

  • First Walker in the tutorial
  • Can operate without wings
  • Requires player stamina to travel faster
  • Fragments

Dinghy Walker


This is the second Walker available to build. Unlocked via Fragments and will require Vision Powder to place and begin building. Bigger, more storage and deck room for crafting tables, but slow. Duos and small groups can successfully protect this Walker but there are limited locations for defense weapons on deck. The Dinghy can be upgraded faster than all other bigger ships because it only requires Fragments for all the Tech Skill Tree upgrades getting you to max efficiency faster.

  • Crafted in the Tutorial (the only other Walker in the tutorial apart from the Firefly)
  • Upgradable wings
  • Packs up light wood bases
  • Hard to climb up hills
  • Fragments and Vision Powder Required

Stiletto Walker


A level one Walker, learned by Fragments, upgraded with Tablets. Better for smaller groups of nomads. Fast, collects torque, lots of deck space, and has substantially more weight capacity. Bases built with light wood can be packed up and stored.

  • Fast and has a short turn radius
  • Tall with ample deck space
  • Packs up light wood bases
  • Upgradable wings
  • Strong hull to protect stored cargo
  • Need Steering Levers, Vision Powder, and Fragments

Toboggan Walker


Considered to be fast enough to outrun pirates, but leaves little room for defense. It has lots of carrying weight and a couple thousand more health than the Stiletto. The Toboggan is a level one Walker which means it only requires Fragments to unlock. Because it has little room to no room for defense players may need a second Walker for defense.

  • Upgradable wings
  • Upgradable legs
  • Best for transporting goods
  • Cargo storage can hold 999 per slot compared to the standard 100 slots
  • Should be accompanied by a battle-ready Walker for protection
  • Needs Steering Levers, Vision Powder, and Fragments

Spider Walker


The Spider Walker will rely heavily on player stamina for speed. This Walker is small and easily maneuvered for quick gathering around a zone. Best for traveling back and forth between your bases or to scout ahead while with a group. Best for escaping bigger ships.

  • Fast small and easy to traverse land (up and downhill)
  • Relies on pedals and player stamina (not wings for speed)
  • Packing space (three crafting stations or small chests)
  • Spider with Ballista is a second version of the Spider Walker (suitable for two people)
  • Fragments and Vision Powder Required

Buffalo Walker


More health but less carry weight than the Stiletto but holds more packs. The Buffalo Walker requires Tablets to unlock so it is considered a level two vehicle. It is considered “suited for almost any task” because it has a decent amount of deck space as well as lots of health. Making it a well-rounded choice for loot protection as well as battling large PvE monsters.

  • Deck space for crafting or defensive structures
  • Enough health for any occasion (PvP and PvE)
  • Upgradable wings
  • Can pack light wood bases
  • Needs Vision Powder, Tablets, and Steering Levers

Hornet Walker


This Walker is best for PvE battles because of its speed and low center of gravity protecting it from being knocked over by world monsters. Similar to all other Walkers, it has internal Cargo storage as well as all of the other trimmings.

  • Low center of gravity
  • Fast
  • Upgradable wings
  • Needs Tablets, Steering Levers and Vision Powder

Falco Walker


Fast and tall for chasing down unassuming nomads making this Walker the choice for pirates. Players who want speed and boarding capabilities will want this vessel. Since it is taller, the Falco Walker will be easier to knock over, so this is not a good choice for players who want to PvE, the large monsters can easily knock this guy over.

  • Upgradable wings and legs
  • Narrow and lean for speed
  • Half the weight capacity as a Stiletto
  • Needs Tablets, Steering Levers and Vision Powder

Schmetterling Walker


Large Walker fit for a large group of players, small groups of players will run into trouble trying to defend this vessel. This ship allows for lots of deck space and ample room to build however, the size makes it slower and harder to maneuver.

  • Suitable for larger groups
  • Lots of deck space for defensive structures
  • More difficult to maneuver due to its size
  • Requires Tablets, Steering Levers, and Vision Powder

Tusker Walker


Slow, large and hard to maneuver with abundant space to store goods. One of the biggest Walkers made for large clans with the capacity to place multiple defensive and offensive weapons. Due to its slow nature clans may need to accompany this vessel with fast well-equipped vessels.

  • Cargo transport
  • Slow and difficult to maneuver due to its size and carrying capacity
  • Large groups
  • Lots of deck space
  • Upgradable wings and legs
  • Needs Vision Powder, Steering Levers, and Tablets to build

Titan Walker


The biggest Walker on the block, the Titan is the choice for large clans. Long, large deck space suitable for multiple defensive weapons and lots of bodies to sail around. Can pack a base similar to other Walkers, however, due to its size, this vessel is not practical for smaller groups of nomads.

  • Biggest ship on the block
  • Lots of deck space for defensive weapons, crafting, or storage
  • Needs a crew, hard to defend in single to small groups
  • Can upgrade the wings and legs
  • Requires Vision Powder, Steering Levers, and Tablets

Proxy Walker


The Proxy Walker is how players claim an oasis to essentially “control” a zone. This can only be used in an oasis in the unclaimed or contested oases and will appear on the map for all players in the oasis to see. Clans in the possession of the placed Proxy Walker can see were PvP has taken place within their claimed oasis. To steal an oasis from a clan you will have to destroy the current Proxy Walker controlling the zone.

  • Immobile
  • Purpose to solely claim an Oasis
  • Gives the clan the ability to see PvP in their oasis
  • Requires Tablets and Vision Powder

Mollusc Walker

The newest Walker perfect for the solo nomad experience. The first walker that contains an internal lower deck where nomads are safe while steering their vessel. This lower deck also has space for crafting structures and storage boxes. The downside is visibility, you will be enclosed within the Walker so you will not have 360 visibility.

  • Perfect for solo or duo nomads
  • Internal deck space for structures and protection while steering the vessel
  • Not available yet, but coming soon (it may be out by the time you read this)

Some images in this article are credited to gamepedia.com. Visit their website to learn more.  


My name is Natalie and I go by Noodles in most games. When I'm not grinding levels in my favorite MMOs I'm creating or crafting something for fun.

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